Rostrum Records Princess Reacts To Mac Miller’s Exit: “He Just Wants To Explore His Life”

Rostrum Records Princess Reacts To Mac Miller’s Exit: “He Just Wants To Explore His Life”

After rapper Mac Miller raised eyebrows last week by announcing an unexpected Rostrum Records exit, SOHH reached out to the label’s pop sensation Vali for her reaction to the news.

Although Miller has packed his bags, Vali revealed they still keep in close contact.

“We still text. He dyed his hair pink. [laughs] So we’ve been texting about that,” Vali told SOHH referring to Miller’s recent hairdo change. “We’re still family. I respect him and everything that he’s doing with his movement and his project. He’s been signed to Rostrum for a while and they really helped him get his projects off the ground. His contract was up and I think he just wants to explore his life and do other things. I know he travels a lot now. He was in Australia the other day. I just think he wants to be more global with his brand. And sometimes you have to leave home and you can’t stay home forever.” (SOHH)

The New York-raised, Los Angeles-based singer also talked about learning from her Rostrum Records peers.

“Honestly, it’s all learning,” Vali added. “You’re never going to come out as a new artist and be perfect. It takes a couple tries and just finding yourself as an artist. The thing I’ve learned the most is constantly being in the studio and constantly writing because there’s no way you’re going to develop if you’re not doing that stuff. Watching everyone around me and seeing how everyone at my label is constantly on a hustle, constantly on a grind with new material, new music, new videos, new everything, getting yourself out there, as a new artist coming up you just want to stay in the studio because you’re never going to get any work done just being at home.” (SOHH)

Last week, Miller promised there were no problems and his business decision had nothing to do with his personal relationship to the label.

“Rostrum is my family. That is forever,” Miller said in an exclusive joint statement issued to MTV News on Tuesday (January 14). “No matter what, we will always work together. We moved mountains and I can only see them continuing that tradition. I am grateful for everything I learned and am always here for whatever.” (MTV)

Miller’s run at Rostrum Records began in summer 2010 courtesy of his K.I.D.S. underground project.

His K.I.D.S. mixtape became his breakthrough when it was released in August of 2010, earning plenty of attention from hip-hop blogs and landing Miller a recording contract with Rostrum Records. Rostrum released his debut EP On and On and Beyond, and his debut album, Blue Slide Park in 2011. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. The more experimental effort, Watching Movies with the Sound Off, followed in 2013 with left-field hip-hop names like Action Bronson, Earl Sweatshirt, and Flying Lotus lending a hand. (All Music)

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