Roscoe Dash Stands By Yung Berg, “People Let The Little Things Destory Their Perception Of Somebody”

Roscoe Dash Stands By Yung Berg, “People Let The Little Things Destory Their Perception Of Somebody”

Rap newcomer Roscoe Dash has come to the defense of rapper Yung Berg in light of his recent media woes after getting one of his chains stolen earlier this month.

Roscoe said Berg’s issues outside of music have not had an effect on his ability to make quality records.

“Yung Berg actually gave me one of the hottest songs I’ve [ever] recorded. It’s called “Put It On You” and it’s with Berg and Dawn from Dirty Money. I’m gonna put it on my next album, it’s that next level Roscoe Dash. When asked if he felt any skepticism about working with the fail-frequent rapper, Dash showed no doubt. “If somebody makes good music, they make good music. Even if you don’t like Yung Berg, you can’t deny good music. All that other stuff is nonsense, man. People let the littlest things destroy their perception of somebody and that’s not me.” (VIBE)

Berg also recently defended his rap image and said losing materialistic items was irrelevant to his career.

“Nothing has been taken from me that has any real value to me. Unless they take my vocal chords, my ability to make a beat, or hum a melody than I feel like I haven’t lost anything. Anything that’s materialistic I can get back…I don’t even want to talk about that because this shall pass, too. My music is what is going to stick around, and I don’t want anything to take the focus off that. As far as anything else, I’m just not going to talk about it because people are going to believe whatever they want. I don’t get into the WWF side of things. I’m trying to be like Smokey Robinson with a catalog of hit records. I can’t be worried about what goes on Internet sites. That doesn’t generate any money for me.” (VIBE)

Last week, robber/rapper Rowdy-T taunted Berg over taking his chain.

“I heard your little interview on the station today, which was ridiculous. You said that this chain was going to be given to a 10-year-old for charity case, that’s the only reason you’re pissed off about it. Come on now, come on,” Rowdy-T calmly stated. “You got stuck. You’re going to give this to a 10-year-old boy for what, so he can get robbed and stuck up everyday like you? I know you been on the phone, I know you told the FBI. They contact my people and start harassing people. That’s not how gangsters do business, tell the truth man. Stop being on the b**ch a** level and come see me.” (All Hip Hop)

Last year, Berg made headlines after being assaulted on-camera.

Poor Yung Berg can’t win for losing. In the video underneath the hood, a heated discussion and small fade is caught, but when Yung Turd attempts to flee into a store to get away…a white boy catches fade with the back of his head. (Bossip)

Yung Berg also had one of his former chains worn by rapper Soulja Boy Tell Em and he made headlines after being publicly slapped by New York rapper Maino in 2008.

Check out some recent Yung Berg footage below:

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