Rosa Acosta Wants To Hit The Decks Like Lil Wayne & Stevie Williams, “I’m Going To Have To Have A Lot Of Protection”

Rosa Acosta Wants To Hit The Decks Like Lil Wayne & Stevie Williams, “I’m Going To Have To Have A Lot Of Protection”

After recently getting spotted at rap star Lil Wayne and skateboarder Stevie Williams‘ Macy’s Truckfit/DGK launch party in Los Angeles, Rosa Acosta sat down with SOHH and talk about her unexpected appearance.

Rosa said her cameo is due to having a close relationship with Stevie Williams.

“It’s Los Angeles and everybody socializes a lot out here,” Rosa told SOHH when asked about her appearance at Lil Wayne’s Trukfit Macy’s launch event. “I don’t always make my way to everything, but I definitely had to go and support because I know Stevie’s partner and she’s a very good friend of mine. So I definitely have to come and support. I like the [DGK] brand. They actually owe me some skateboards and skateboard stuff that they promised me. So thank-you for reminding me of that. [laughs] But yeah, I’m friends with Stevie and his wife and I support my friends. Any time they need me and I can make it, of course I’m going to go and show support.” (SOHH)

Acosta also said she is down to give skateboarding a try, but only with protective padding to avoid any accidents.

“I would love to,” Rosa added when asked if we could see her skateboarding in the near future. “Yeah, I would love to. I’m definitely trying, I’m all about doing new things and cool stuff, so yeah. I am going to have to have a lot of protection because I definitely haven’t done that before and it’s only going [to be] my first time. So I’ll give it a try and let you guys know how it went.” (SOHH)

Wayne and Williams’ Macy’s launch party took place in early June.

Rejoice, because Weezy is coming to one of America’s most accessible department stores. Beginning June 1, Lil Wayne’s apparel line TRUKFIT will be available at select Macy’s locations across the country and Macy’ Fans will be able to purchase a wide range of TRUKFIT’s signature t-shirts, sweatshirts and caps. TRUKFIT is available in men’s and boy’s sizes at a moderate price point. (Artist Direct)

Back in April, Wu-Tang Clan’s Ghostface Killah spoke on the bond between hip-hop and skateboarding.

“Skateboarding and hip-hop is one and the same. Hip-hop is a way of life. How we walk, dress, talk, how we do things. Y’all say swagger – I’m not using that word because I’ve been using that sh*t a long time ago, it’s just what it is. When we was break dancing, that was hip-hop. Skateboarding, that’s still hip-hop. I had a skateboard, too, when I was younger, you know what I mean. It’s still hip-hop. We rode bikes, all that sh*t, it is all together. It’s a culture, yo. Whether you skiing or whatever, it’s all together.” (Karmaloop)

Check out footage from the Macy’s launch below:

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