Rosa Acosta Reacts To Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa Romance, Keeps Lips Sealed On “Secret” Boyfriend

Rosa Acosta Reacts To Amber Rose/Wiz Khalifa Romance, Keeps Lips Sealed On “Secret” Boyfriend

After heating up the Internet last year when she liplocked Amber Rose in Hollywood, soon-to-be former model Rosa Acosta recently talked to SOHH about her friend’s engagement to Wiz Khalifa.

Acosta discussed her personal bond with Rose and co-signed the recent engagement.

“I think it’s amazing. I’m very happy for her and she’s just an amazing girl,” Acosta told SOHH when asked for her reaction to Rose and Khalifa’s recent engagement. “I’ve had the opportunity to meet her in person and share moments with her and know the real Amber not only the person you always see on camera or the personality that the media actually gives you. She’s such a nice girl and I wish her the best and I think they make a great couple. God bless her and I’m really happy.” (SOHH)

She also turned into a tease when asked about her own personal relationship.

“I just feel like because, he’s not famous I just keep him as my little secret,” Rosa added when asked about her own marital status. “I’m not going to put him in a position where I’m going to give away his Twitter name for people to do what? If people are not going to be nice to him, why would I do that? People can be really mean in this world. But yeah, he’s amazing and everything’s amazing and I can’t complain about nothing.” (SOHH)

Last year, Rose and Acosta’s girl-on-girl kiss circulated online.

The blond bombshell and Acosta were seen leaving Eva Longoria‘s trendy restaurant Beso, which fittingly means kiss in Spanish, where they shared a quick peck before hopping into an awaiting white SUV. While Amber Rose has admitted to being bisexual in the past, her curvy companion says there was nothing behind the smooch as the two are “just friends”. Rosa added on her website, “Can’t two beautiful friends go out to dinner without having every camera in LA show up?” (Uh, no! Come on Rosa, you are talking about Hollywood.) (Examiner)

Recently, the blonde bombshell talked about wanting kids with Khalifa.

Amber Rose, who became famous overnight when she was dating Kanye West in 2010, is so madly in love with Wiz Khalifa she’s virtually asking, “Kanye Wno?” Amber tells Shira Lazar why she fell so hard for the rapper known for “Young Wild and Free.” “He was just so normal. He didn’t let the fame and money get to him. I needed that,” she says. “We fit.” (Wonder if she was subtly comparing him to Kanye?) Anyway, the gorgeous model, who is working on an album, says “I definitely go to Wiz for advice. Obviously he’s “The One,” because she’s planning life after a wedding. “We’re going to have 25 kids,” she joked. Then, she revealed, “We wanna have like four — that’s what we’re going to reach for.” (RumorFix)

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