Rosa Acosta Explains Her Nipple Obsession, “I Am A Specialist On Nipple. Touching It, Painting It”

Rosa Acosta Explains Her Nipple Obsession, “I Am A Specialist On Nipple. Touching It, Painting It”

Model Rosa Acosta recently chopped it up with SOHH and revealed the story behind listing herself as a “Nippologist” on Twitter and why she could see herself working alongside Nicki Minaj on boob-related matters.

According to Acosta, she actually spent time in the past painting a fellow model’s breasts.

“That came from me, I used to paint. I have a friend and she’s done a lot. She’s done a lot of nude modeling,” Rosa told SOHH. “She’s a nude model, Playboy model and she does a lot of art. Nude stuff. She’s a very beautiful girl. I used to paint her nipples. Every time I would see her, I’d make a sign on her boobs.” (SOHH)

When asked if she could see herself hooking up with Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj since the Barbie is known for signing breasts, Rosa playfully said it could happen one day.

“So I posted “nipplogist” [on my Twitter bio]. It was like, “I am a specialist of nipples,” and stuff like that. So that really came from all of that,” she added. “I am a specialist on nipple. Touching it, painting it, taking care of it as a whole. Maybe I could get a position doing that fulltime. I think me and [Nicki Minaj] could do a little collaboration.” (SOHH)

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly previously told SOHH he signs female concertgoer’s nipples.

“You have to be a Rager, anyone can sign boobs, but you have to be a true Rager,” MGK told SOHH. “I don’t sign, actually, it’s pretty funny, I don’t sign any boobs unless I’m signing the nipple. That’s actually a rule I have. Nah, dead serious. You can ask my road manager. He tells all the girls, ‘He’s not going to sign your boobs, he’s going to sign your nipple though. We push the limits. This is the Motley Crue of hip-hop. That’s what’s going on right now. Spread the word. We card, too. We don’t sign any 15 year-old boobies. I’ll sign [a poster] but not their nipples. This is for the 18 and over year olds.” (SOHH)

Last year, Nicki Minaj talked about how frequently she signed women’s breasts.

“I have to have pink markers so I can sign lots of boobs,” Minaj said in an interview when asked what some of her must-have’s were. “Whether I perform or not, I always sign boobs. Girls actually throw their boobs at my face now. It’s crazy. Like, yesterday when we were in Miami, last night, Baby and Mack Maine were just looking at me like, ‘Is this for real?’ Girls are jumping over, they don’t even care. The security be like man handling them. I be feeling so bad but they’re like, ‘Sign my boobs!’ and they’re up there climbing on the banister and just pulling their boobs out. [laughs] The girls are rock stars. I do feel this is a rock star era.” (Power 106 KMEL)

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