Romeo Gets A Cougar, “We Decided To Put On A Little Freak Show” [Video]

Romeo Gets A Cougar, “We Decided To Put On A Little Freak Show” [Video]

Actor/rapper Romeo is living up to his Shakespeare-inspired name as of late after the cameras caught him publicly smooching 60-year-old actress Kirstie Alley this week.

While killing rumors that they are an item, Alley said the idea came out of boredom.

“Romeo and I got bored today so we decided to put on a little freak show for the paps…… Hehe,” she tweeted May 19th.

“@JenniferGrey wish I did like “Boys” instead if men…. Less complicated.. Hehe… Still blaming u for not fully defining “brutal”.. Hehe”

“@NannyMLC Romeos idea!… It was funny!” (Kirstie Alley’s Twitter)

In late April, Romeo gave his former “Dancing With The Stars” partner Chelsie Hightower a kiss during one of their performances.

Chelsie Hightower has insisted that her kiss with Romeo during their performance on last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars was unplanned. The pair received their highest scores to date after an emotional waltz to Celine Dion‘s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ as part of the show’s ‘Guilty Pleasures Night’, during which they shared a kiss on the lips. (Digital Spy)

Following the kiss, both Romeo and Hightower gave their reactions.

“What I said tonight, basically, was, ‘If you want to [kiss me], go ahead,'” Hightower told PEOPLE after the show. “You can do it on the cheek, forehead or lips – but you don’t want to plan it too much.” The pair, who danced to “My Heart Will Go On” fromTitanic, said the kiss added to the drama and intensity of the moment. “I think it was emotional,” said Hightower. “I felt it.” “I was in character,” Romeo said. “I was feeling like Jack from Titanic.” (PEOPLE)

Last week, Romeo was eliminated from the televised dance competition.

Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou, Romeo? Probably out dancing at the nearest club with partner Chelsie Hightower after the two were eliminated on week 8 on “Dancing with the Stars, even though they did not have the lowest score from the judges after Monday night’s individual dance and instant dance. Maybe it was his continual grumpy look that turned off viewers. “Anybody can go at any time,” Romeo told host Tom Bergeron. “It changed my life … anything is possible if you try.” Then turning to Chelsie, he said with a tiny smile, “You know, we can still dance after this.” And then with a real touch of class, Romeo shook hands with each of the judges before heading to the floor for his last dance. (Mercury News)

Check out the kiss below:

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