Rockwilder Responds To Polow Da Don’s “Followers” Claim, “Kanye Is Not A Follower” [Video]

Rockwilder Responds To Polow Da Don’s “Followers” Claim, “Kanye Is Not A Follower” [Video]

Producer Rockwilder has reacted to Polow Da Don‘s recent statements of most producers being followers to his blueprint of production.

In a video clip, the renowned hitmaker speaks on the vast amount of artists known for being trend setters rather than followers.

“I could name a lot of people that are not followers,” Rock said. “The Runners ain’t no followers. Cool & Dre, Kanye [West] is not a follower. [DJ] Toomp. Swizz Beatz…You gotta watch the words fam, ’cause everybody else ain’t followers…A lot of styles that are being done now have been done before…I don’t know nobody that’s following y’all…I just wanna let everybody know I can name a lot of people tha are not followers.” (World Star Hip-Hop)

Rockwilder’s response stems from an earlier interview Polow did alongside Keri Hilson speaking on his production skills.

“I’m a very passionate person,” Polow said. “Very opinionated…Mysellf, Timbaland and Danja[handz], I think, I know we are the top three producers in the game. Everybody else is just followers, how you doing? So it’s our duty to put the pressure on ourselves.” (Hip-Hop 24/7)

With over 17 years of production credits to his name, Rockwilder is known for working with predominatly New York rap acts.

After early production credits on late ’90s albums by Redman (Muddy Waters, 1996), Erick Sermon (Insomnia, 1996), Busta Rhymes (When Disaster Strikes, 1997), EPMD (Back in Business, 1997), and Organized Konfusion (Equinox, 1997), Rockwilder went on to become one of the East Coast’s most prized producers, laying down tracks for high-profile rappers such as Jay-Z and Prodigy, while continuing to work with rappers such as Busta Rhymes and Redman. (All Music)

Polow Da Don has worked with a variety of artists in the past few years.

Credits include Ludacris‘ “Runaway Love,” Fergie‘s “London Bridge,” Young Buck‘s “Get Buck,” Fabolous‘ “Real Play Like,” Chris Brown‘s “Forever,” Usher‘s “Love In This Club,” and more. (Discogs)

Check out Rockwilder’s response to Polow Da Don below:

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