Rockstar Releases Energetic, Funny, Bikini-Laced Grand Theft Auto V “Fitness & Relaxation” Trailer [Video]

Rockstar Releases Energetic, Funny, Bikini-Laced Grand Theft Auto V “Fitness & Relaxation” Trailer [Video]

Rockstar is not slowing down the promotion behind its upcoming Grand Theft Auto V game and has upped the ante by unloading a humor and female-filled “Fitness & Relaxation” trailer.

In the new 30-second clip, Rockstar proves there will be no limit to the side mission fun you’ll find in its long-awaited follow-up to 2008’s Grand Theft Auto IV.

Sponsored by EGO CHASER Energy Bars, Rocksar Games releases their next teaser for the 2013 most anticipated video game of the year, Grand Theft Auto V. In the video dubbed “fitness & relaxation” we see demonstrations of extreme water racing, cycling, running and parachuting from various for those adrenaline junkies and desperate middle-aged men to give you that latest rush. Game protagonist, Michael De Santa is the obvious description who’s the commercial intended audience is for; but after watching the teaser, the limitations of online fun will be endless, with repetitiveness being a minimal. (Free OnSmash)

After releasing teasers and trailers these past few months, Rockstar took a more traditional approach with some recent promo.

As September 17 approaches, Rockstar Games released a new set of screenshots for GTA V which have been causing quite the uproar. The screenshots give a deeper look into the game and feature everything from a shootout with the cops, aeriel views of the skyline at night, scuba divers, and even submarines. With a new trailer of the online play released last week, and an official game trailer that was released just a few days ago, the hype behind GTA V is at a all time high and may drive more people out to purchase the year’s already most anticipated game. (Complex)

Last month, Rockstar unveiled a drama-filled official trailer for the new title.

Rockstar Games has previously posted trailers specifically relating to the feverishly-anticipated game’s gameplay and online environment and provided closer looks at its various characters and locations on the game’s official website. This trailer aims to show the complete package however and gets its TV debut in the US on Sunday during an episode of the similarly crime-ridden Breaking Bad. It focuses on the three main characters – retired criminal Michael, crazed career criminal Trevor Phillips and repo man Franklin – and how they came to be working together. ‘A few weeks ago I was happily sulking by my swimming pool,’ Michael says. ‘Then my psychotic best friend shows up out of nowhere to torture me over mistakes I made over a decade ago.’ Grand Theft Auto V’s more explosive moments are teased as the trailer draws to a close, with Gatling guns, parachute jumps and low-flying fighter jets abound. (Metro UK)

New adult-oriented details of what gamers can expect from GTA V surfaced online last month.

Earlier today, the Entertainment Software Rating Board gave the year’s biggest video game title an official “M” rating. Like its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto V will be for the mature audience; but unlike the past, we’ll be seeing a few new eye raising innovations to the open-world action game. First, nudity has been added from a female and male perspective (LLOYD!); which the ladies will be seen topless for your lap dance breaks at a local Los Santos strip club; and males at a confidential location that shows exposed genitalia in non-sexual context. Players will also be able to receive sexual favors from prostitutes; and while there will be no nudity, you’ll be able to hear various sexual moaning sounds in the process (hunts point?). Implied fellatio and masturbation will be shown as well, but which we’re not going to go too deep into those areas. (Free OnSmash)

Check out the newest trailer:

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