Rockstar Pushes The Limit W/ GTA V Online Mode, Multiplayer Introduces Endless Journeys [Video]

Rockstar Pushes The Limit W/ GTA V Online Mode, Multiplayer Introduces Endless Journeys [Video]

Rockstar Games has kept its word on finally letting diehard fans get a glimpse of Grand Theft Auto V‘s online gameplay by releasing its jam-packed trailer today (August 15).

In the three-minute trailer, GTA fans will realize online gameplay goes far beyond the typical shoot ‘em up scenarios.

The trailer shows a lot of the team-based gunfights that you’d expect. Rockstar has added some context to the violence, though. Players will apparently go on missions to rob banks, steal cargo planes and more. GTA IV had a few co-op missions like “Deal Breaker” and “Hangman’s Noose,” but the missions in GTA V allow for than just four players. Rockstar says that GTA Online supports up to 16 players. There’s plenty of other things for players to do with each other besides kill. Rockstar is making use of the new vehicle types like jetskis and airplanes with checkpoint races. It looks like players will be able to compete with each other in the various minigames throughout Los Santos as well, such as tennis or arm wrestling. (Cinema Blend)

The online gameplay also takes things up a notch by allowing the players create their own scenarios.

The really mind-blowing part, though, is that players can create their own multiplayer activities. The trailer shows the player building a race by selecting checkpoints. Later on, we see them crafting a team deathmatch by placing weapons. I’m curious how robust this toolset is. For example, can you actually edit the world or are you just setting the bounds of your multiplayer matches? Even if it’s the latter, the size of GTA V’s world makes this a very intriguing feature. As with GTA IV, players can customize their character’s appearance. Rockstar takes this personalization a few steps further with GTA V, though. Players can now upgrade their characters’ stats, own custom vehicles, and purchase property. They’ll earn reputation and cash through missions and other activities to facilitate their rise through the criminal underworld. (Cinema Blend)

Nearly a month ago, new details on the the single player gameplay like the addition of dogs surfaced online.

Japanese Magazine Famitsu is carrying an article about Grand Theft Auto V which has revealed some new information about the game as well as confirming its Japanese release date. The game will be releasing in Japan on October 10, showing Rockstar’s commitment to giving the game an international push. The article also reveals some cool new details about the game. Your dog’s name in the game will be Chop and you’ll be able to customize him, with the ability to change his collar, other accessories and more. You might even end up losing your dog, if you don’t keep an watch over him. The article also reveals that over 15 types of wild animals can be found in the game. The animations of the game have improved a lot since the last GTA release, according to Rockstar. (VG 247)

Rockstar unleashed its GTA V gameplay footage in early July.

After months of feverish anticipation about “Grand Theft Auto V,” developer Rockstar released the first gameplay trailer ton Tuesday. The first full-fledged console title in the “Grand Theft Auto” universe since 2008, “GTA V” introduces a number of novel gameplay elements to what is gradually becoming a repetitive sub-genre of video games designed to give users unfettered access to wanton criminal activity in sprawling, life-like metropolises. (NBC News)

West Coast rapper Game is reportedly slated to make a return to the popular franchise in GTA V.

The GTA 5 release date for Xbox 360 and PS3 is fast approaching. Rockstar has confirmed the game’s launch for spring 2013, and the latest rumor is that rapper “The Game” may show up to the next “Grand Theft Auto” party. Will “The Game” play a feature role when the GTA 5 release date arrives. We can’t say anything for sure, but some new fan art released by the Money Gang Facebook page. What role will “The Game” play in GTA 5 when the release date arrives? Well we already know that “The Alchemist” has been brought on to compose a soundtrack that will play during missions. However, it’s possible that “The Game” could be featured in the GTA 5 soundtrack. It’s also possible that either the rapper of all of “Money Gang” may get their own “Grand Theft Auto” radio station. (iDigital Times)

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Check out the online gameplay:

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