Roc Nation Sports Prospect Sparks Controversy After Jay-Z Reports

Roc Nation Sports Prospect Sparks Controversy After Jay-Z Reports

Hours after reports of rap mogul Jay-Z targeting NCAA football star Jadeveon Clowney surfaced, the University of South Carolina is now looking into the allegations.

According to reports, the Division 1 college’s athletics department is investigating buzz about Clowney possibly violating NCAA rules.

An Instagram account believed to be operated by Clowney posted a link to an article discussing the report. Below the post was written “You kno [sic] we about to turn up. Dream coming true.” NCAA bylaws prevent players from agreeing in writing or verbally to be represented by an agent. Any athlete who does is ruled ineligible. However, an agent can talk to players as long as they provide no services to that athlete. (WLTX News)

Reports of Jadeveon sparking Young Hov’s interest heated up the Internet early Tuesday (July 23).

Now, Inside the League is reporting that Jay has been keeping in contact with Jadeveon Clowney of South Carolina, who is projected to be a top three pick in next year’s NFL Draft. Not a bad haul for Roc Nation Sports, if the report is true. Of course, we’ll have to wait until next year to see if this actually happens. So, keep an eye out for Clowney throwing the diamond up after hits like this one. (Complex)

A few days ago, Jigga promised the creation of Roc Nation Sports would break old habits and lazy traditions set by sports agencies for years.

“Within two months we had Robinson Cano and Kevin Durant,” Jay said in an interview referring to the New York Yankees and Oklahoma City Thunder superstars. “[The other companies,] they’re fighting it. They’re fighting it because it means you have to work now. You have to work now and they’re not comfortable with that. They’ve been spending 15, 20 years just sitting back and collecting the check and now they have to get out, get up and they have to work and they have to care about these clients because they’re going to see the work we’re doing and say, ‘Hold on, wait a second. Why am I not getting this sort of service? What are you doing? What have you been doing this week?’ Those questions are going to start coming so they’re intimidated by that. The fact that they have to work and they’re intimidated by the fact their clients are going to want to come to us. But if they’re doing a great job, there’s no reason for any client to switch.” (BBC Radio 1)

The overnight sports agent also said he believed Roc Nation Sports will ultimately make agents reconsider how much time and effort they put into their clients’ careers.

“This is people’s lives. They think they’re going to hang around me because I’m famous but they can do that anyway. They don’t have to sign to Roc Nation,” Jay added. “Those two reasons. They think their clients are going to leave them. Their conscience is telling them, ‘I’m not really earning a check. I’m not really earning,’ because if you’re confident and I know that I’ve done a great job, I have no fear of that because, I’m doing a great job. But their conscience is telling them, ‘I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing and this is not cool that someone’s around that is threatening to really do the job. So I really have to get up now.’ … Some guys sign and they never see the agent. They see them on the signing day and just never them [again]. And hoping to get fired because they have this tale that they still get paid. They’re almost hoping to get fired.” (BBC Radio 1)

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