Rihanna’s Not Sharing Her Birthday Cake, Cake, Cake W/ NFL Star

Rihanna’s Not Sharing Her Birthday Cake, Cake, Cake W/ NFL Star

While Grammy-winning singer Rihanna may have dated professional athletes and entertainers in the past, she is reportedly not romantically linked to NFL star Darren McFadden.

Despite images which would suggest otherwise, the two are not a couple.

Rihanna is adamant … she’s NOT dating Raiders running back Darren McFadden — despite reports the two were spotted making out in Hawaii a couple weeks ago. Sources close to Rihanna tell us, the singer did meet Darren last month in Honolulu — while she was promoting her new film “Battleship” — but they kept things strictly platonic. We’re told Darren — who was WITH HIS GIRLFRIEND — introduced himself to Rihanna as a fan … and Rihanna bought Darren and his GF drinks on the beach. That’s it. But that doesn’t mean Rihanna can’t support her new pal — which might explain why the singer wore a Raiders jersey to a New York strip club last week. (TMZ)

Dating rumors began bubbling across the Internet earlier this week.

“Rihanna rushed into the ocean, but Darren had to be coaxed,” an onlooker reveals. “She kept calling his name, and at one point, she discreetly flashed him. That did the trick.” “He ran into the water, and they started kissing.” While they’ve only been “dating” a few weeks, the couple was spotted holding hands in the lobby of their hotel, The Kahala Hotel & Resort. Later, they were dancing at a club and cuddling in a lounge chair. (The Hollywood Gossip)

As of late, RiRi has kept the Internet sizzling after recently putting out topless photos.

Rihanna has continued her tradition of posting racy photos online, sharing photos of herself topless in a waterfall with her Facebook fans last night. Straight off her performance at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival over the weekend, it appears that the “Umbrella” singer took a moment to update her photo album on Facebook, posting a slew of photos from her vacation to Hawaii over the holidays. Several of the photos would get a PG-13 rating. (New York Post)

In light of the antics, rapper XV recently told SOHH he lost his celebrity crush on the singer.

“I started falling back because I felt like I never was into the pretty girl that got all the attention and then strived off the attention,” XV told SOHH. “I like the pretty girl that kinda acts like she doesn’t know she’s pretty. I feel like Nicki Minaj is kinda like that for some reason. Even though she’s like mad swagged out, there’s something about her whole aura and the fact she has a hype man that everyone wonders if she’s banging. Because of that, I feel like she’s really untouchable. That makes men want her even more. It’s more of a turn-on for a guy when a girl doesn’t know how cute she is. I feel like Rihanna had that at one point. [Now,] every time I’m on a blog, I see a new Rihanna picture every week. I don’t like when music becomes a character. The idea’s like, ‘You’re supposed to be the bad girl,’ but don’t become the bad girl like it’s a character.” (SOHH)

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