Rihanna’s “Loud” To Outsell Nelly’s “5.0” By 130K In First-Week Projections

Rihanna’s “Loud” To Outsell Nelly’s “5.0” By 130K In First-Week Projections

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna‘s Loud is reportedly en route to outsell Nelly‘s new 5.0 album by up to 130,000 records.

Based on one-day estimates, both albums will debut in the Top 10 next week.

Rihanna’s fifth Def Jam/IDJ album, Loud, will debut with between 180-190k, followed by Rascal Flatts‘ Big Machine debut, Nothing Like This, is earmarked for between 170-180k. Atlantic’s Kid Rock returns with Born Free, his follow-up to the triple-platinum Rock N Roll Jesus, which is just behind that trio in the 160-170k range. Universal Motown’s Nelly album, 5.0, should be in the 55-60k range. (HITS Daily Double)

Nelly’s 5.0 album features guest appearances from Diddy, T-Pain, Chris Brown and more.

1. I’m Number 1 (feat. Baby and DJ Khaled) 2. Long Gone (feat. Chris Brown and Piles) 3. She’s So Fly (feat. T.I.) 4. Just a Dream 5. Making Movies 6. Move That Body (feat. T-Pain and Akon) 7. 1000 Stacks 8. Gone (feat. Kelly Rowland) 9. Don’t It Feel Good 10. Broke Ni**as 11. Live Tonight 12. Nothing Without Her BONUS TRACKS 13. Go 14. If I Gave You One (feat. Avery Storm) 15. Kissing You (feat. Dirty Money) (Hip Hop N More)

Last month, Nelly spoke on critics who claimed his career was over.

“I think it’s real hot that the two singles I have out right now have been doing unbelievably well,” Nelly said in an interview. “‘Just a Dream,’ obviously, almost 2 million now and we’re just working on ‘Move That Body,’ you know, it’s been getting a great response…I think everything is on course. Obviously, some people are gonna have certain things to say about it. Some see it as a comeback, others still are unsure or whatever the case may be. I mean, I don’t trip off of it like that. I just try to continuously work, but, hopefully, you just want your work to speak for itself, but obviously for some reason mine don’t seem to do it sometimes.” (BET)

Nelly’s “Just A Dream” hitmaker Rico Love recently talked with SOHH about music executives doubting the St. Lunatic‘s appeal.

“This is going to end up being one of my biggest records to date and that’s saying a lot. I’m very excited because as I have been telling everybody, I did a big portion of Nelly’s 5.0 album and I have been telling a lot of people through the process that there was doubt. A lot of people in the business, and I won’t say [any] names, were telling me “Nah, why you working with Nelly? He’s over”. Those are their words, I’m pulling them out because this industry is full of a lot of bullsh*t people that are afraid to take chances and to work with artists that they believe in and that they’re fans of. They’re d*ck riders, all of these motherf*ckers.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Check out a recent Nelly interview down below:

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