Rihanna Reveals Playboy Magazine Offer, “They Want To Pay [Me] To Be Naked”

Rihanna Reveals Playboy Magazine Offer, “They Want To Pay [Me] To Be Naked”

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna has revealed offers she has received to appear unclothed in Playboy magazine.

Despite the offers, RiRi said posing nude for a paycheck is not something should would ever consider.

RiRi revealed to Angie Martinez that she’s been offered to pose for Playboy several times, but turned the magazine down. “I got a few offers to do Playboy actually. They want to pay you to be naked on the cover,” she said. “If I’m gonna take my clothes off, it has to be in a classy way and my will, not a check. I wouldn’t take any money to do that.” But she does enjoy walking around nude when she’s in the privacy of her home. (Rap-Up)

Over the summer, pop star Ke$ha talked about her nude experiences with Rihanna during their “Last Girl on Earth Tour.”

“We have slumber parties and pillow fights and we braid each other’s hair a lot,” Ke$ha laughed. “We talk about boys, naked…Touring with Rihanna is incredible, you should come see it. It’s really fun. I’ve been out with her for about two weeks now, and I just learn so much from her as a performer,” she said. “She has one of the best voices of anyone I’ve ever seen live, and I kind of just take it as my opportunity to hype up thousands of people.” (MTV)

Last year, Rihanna had nude photos of herself leaked online.

The photos that are taken are missing some of Rihanna’s tattoos, and it isn’t certain that these are the R&B singers naked body, but her record company has took legal action to get these pictures removed of the websites. The photos consist of a naked Rihanna in front of a mirror naked with words written on the mirror with soap. Only 2 of the photos clearly show her face the other 4 you can’t tell. There have been rumors that Rihanna is so embarrassed and overwhelmed with the postings that she has left the country to get away from Hollywood. She has not commented on the photos herself. (CMR News)

Outside of nude photos, Rihanna on launching an entertainment company.

The Barbados-born songbird has also announced that she’s forming Rihanna Entertainment, a catchall company to oversee all aspects of her brand, including music, films, fashion, book ventures, a fragrance line and whatever else comes up. (E! Online)

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