Rihanna Bares Knuckles To Minister Farrakhan, “Is That Judgement In [Your] Tone?”

Rihanna Bares Knuckles To Minister Farrakhan, “Is That Judgement In [Your] Tone?”

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna has responded to the backlash received from Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan over the weekend, deeming her on-stage antics as “filthy”.

Venting to her 3.6 million Twitter followers, RiRi called out Farrakhan’s comments.

“A minister says I perform filthy,sat+watched the filth,then called u SWINE for doin the same! Haa,Is that judgment in ur tone? #justgetsbettR,” she tweeted Monday (February 28).

“I certainly don’t think u are swine! But a holy man of God does!!! #swineNavy” (Rihanna’s Twitter)

RiRi’s remarks came a day after Farrakhan spoke at the annual Saviours’ Day convention in Rosemont, Illinois.

He also criticized the sexually charged performances of popstar Rihanna, saying they were “filthy” and that people who enjoyed such antics were “swine,” a description he also applied to homosexuals and lesbians. He also criticized immigrant Muslims in the Chicago area for moving to white suburbs and being patronizing toward black Muslims. (Sun Times)

Last month, Rihanna made headlines after her sultry “S&M” music video became banned in over ten countries.

The diva is back with her new single S&M – and the video is so steamy, it’s already been banned from 11 countries and counting. The vid features 22-year-old RiRi, writhing around in white latex (“with lube”, she says), sucking a banana (“I made ‘em give me a spit bucket in between takes”), wearing bondage gear and simulates sex with a lifesize doll. And the words to the song are just as dirty as the images. “Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it,” she sings. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.” Oo-er! Southern Asian countries immediately banned it. (Mirror)

In light of the tensions, SOHH talked to male R&B singer Lloyd to get his take on artists like Rihanna and Keri Hilson becoming more sexual in their videos.

“Yeah man, it’s good,” Lloyd told SOHH about Rihanna and Keri Hilson’s racy videos. “I mean, I don’t even think they’re spicy I just think that for a long time [the music industry] has mostly been controlled by us, the young people. I mean, the biggest names in R&B right now are probably all under the age of 25 or right there at 25. I just think what you’re seeing is people growing up and exploring our sexualities on-camera and expressing themselves, you know. Not in a negative way, even though it may be offensive to some people, it’s not negative. It’s just an expression of what’s art. I think it’s always been controversial even in these times.” (SOHH)

Check out some past Rihanna footage down below:

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