Rihanna Almost Gave Eminem’s “Love” Sequel Cold Shoulder, “I Was Just Completely Against It”

Rihanna Almost Gave Eminem’s “Love” Sequel Cold Shoulder, “I Was Just Completely Against It”

Grammy-winning singer Rihanna has revealed nearly giving Eminem the cold shoulder when approached with an opportunity to make a sequel to their “Love the Way You Lie” hit single.

According to RiRi, she initially felt their first version was nothing less than perfect.

“When I first heard the idea about doing a part two, I was just completely against it,” she revealed to MTV News. “I just felt like you couldn’t beat the original. There’s no way you can outdo that, so why compete with it? We heard a broken-down version that was stripped down, just piano … that’s going to be a bonus on iTunes. I fell in love with it. We recorded it, then we did another version to the stripped-down version with drums, then we did another version with drums and Eminem. And then that was the one that just felt really good.” (MTV)

Details on their collaboration for Rihanna’s Loud album hit the Internet last week.

We have just exclusively heard that Rihanna and Eminem have re-united and recorded a sequel to their massive hit “Love The Way You Lie”. The follow up which is labeled simply as “Love The Way You Lie (Part 2),” takes the female side now that it is Rihanna featuring Eminem. The Bajan singer croons, “Even angels have their wing cut schemes, and you take that to new extremes, but you will always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.” The track is also produced by breakout UK producer Alex Da Kid, and it will be included on her new album LOUD, which hits stores November 16th. Stay tuned! (This Is RnB)

Earlier this year, the song’s producer, Alex Da Kid, spoke to SOHH about Em’s preference to have Rihanna as the featured vocalist on the track.

“Eminem wanted Rihanna on the song. But even before all this happened, I’m working on her new album and so we’re already kinda working together and he just sent it to her and she just loved it. She doesn’t really do too much, as far as collaborations but everybody just loved it so much that they wanted to get on it.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Aside from their record, Rihanna recently signed a deal with Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation management company.

The Barbados-born songbird has also announced that she’s forming Rihanna Entertainment, a catchall company to oversee all aspects of her brand, including music, films, fashion, book ventures, a fragrance line and whatever else comes up. (E! Online)

Check out “Love the Way You Lie” below:

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