Riff Raff Attacked During Live Concert: “I Will Whoop Your F**king A**” [Video]

Riff Raff Attacked During Live Concert: “I Will Whoop Your F**king A**” [Video]

Houston rapper Riff Raff did not have the best experience during a recent live concert performance after becoming the target of a rowdy partygoer.

Footage of Riff being victimized by a beer can has started to make its rounds online this week.

Riff Raff went INSANE during a live rap performance in Ohio this weekend — when someone threw a beer can that hit him in the chest … and he challenged the guy to FIGHT HIM on stage. Riff — who believes he was the inspiration for James Franco‘s character in “Spring Breakers” — was performing at Halftime Fest at Ohio University in Athens, OH when someone launched the can. The rapper was so upset, he ordered the DJ to stop the track so he could yell at the crowd … saying “The most sucka a** motherf**ker throwing the can … I bet you won’t step on the stage … I will WHOOP your f**king a**.” (TMZ)

Despite offering to fight the person who attacked him, no one took up Riff’s challenge.

Obviously, no one accepted Riff’s challenge … so he decided to end the show — telling the crowd, “F**king throw a can on me? For real … I’m done.” But Riff composed himself soon after the incident — and took out his aggression on the Athens bar scene … crushing beers at several local joints with some of the locals. Good to see Riff isn’t holding a grudge. (TMZ)

Coincidentally, New York rapper Azealia Banks had a performance cut short after being subjected to the same treatment last week.

Azealia Banks played in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday night at the city’s Listen Out Festival. Her gig reportedly lasted only minutes however, as she chose to cut the performance short on account of audience behavior. Banks was performing her song “ATM Jam,” when an audience member threw a beer can onto the stage. This prompted Banks to storm off, cutting the music from her backup as well. According to reports she left the stage after only 90 seconds. (Huffington Post)

Recently, Riff spoke on dropping his now-delayed Neon Icon solo album on the same day Drake’s Nothing Was The Same released.

“It’s not a competition. It’s my way of doing community service cause I’m trying to save on the environment and the gas money,” he tells XXL during the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. “Instead of going back and buying my album a couple weeks later, you might as well go drive and make one trip. Pick up everything. Buy both albums. I’m just being nice to the environment.” Just like every diehard fan, Drake’s last new friend will certainly be picking up Nothing Was The Same in a few weeks. “Of course. I can’t wait for it to come out,” he said. (XXL Mag)

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Check out Riff Raff’s incident:

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