Rick Ross Wants To Break Bread W/ Donald Trump, “There’s Some Money Out There For Us To Get”

Rick Ross Wants To Break Bread W/ Donald Trump, “There’s Some Money Out There For Us To Get”

Southern rapper Rick Ross recently revealed his admiration for millionaire real-estate developer Donald Trump and said he wants to go into business with him one day.

Ross believes he and Trump could make money together.

“I would love to work with Donald Trump,” Ross revealed in an interview. “I’m pretty sure there are some ventures we could attack. There’s some money out there for us to get. I just love what Don represents,. Ridin’ out here in New York, you look over and see so much of his real estate. It’s just a good thing…Tell him to get at me.” (Rap-Up)

Around November 2008, Trump showed his hip-hop intellect by striking a cord with 50 Cent after calling the rapper’s reality show a spin-off of his “The Apprentice.”

In the middle of an interview yesterday with NY1 about Obama and the future of our country, Donald Trump took a few moments to address the issue that’s really on everyone’s mind these days — 50 Cent’s reality competition show, The Money and the Power: “[50 Cent] just did a show. It was a copy of The Apprentice. It will fail because he’s not Trump,” said Trump. And while we’d usually agree with the assertion that any given person’s professional pursuits are bound to fail simply because “he’s not Trump,” we’ve got to object here — The Money and the Power is completely awesome. (NY Mag)

50 later responded to Trump’s remarks and defended his reality show.

“Donald Trump talking about my show and how it’s a knockoff of ‘The Apprentice’?” 50 said in an interview. “He’s crazy! That’s what happens when you get older — you start to view things differently. First, let me point out [my show] got the highest ratings. “The Money And The Power”beat the highly popular “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila.” “And she kissed three girls! She’s a hard act to follow.” (XXL Mag)

Recently, Ross discussed the benefits of his new business relationship with Diddy and how his management skills are helping him secure more ventures.

“It was the even bigger and better things that are on the horizon, which continue to present themselves every day — things I never considered up to this point. Book deals, now we’re considering liquor endorsements, clothing lines, films, books. Me and F. Gary Gray [who directed Ross’ “Super High” video] are talking about doing some things. I just wanna make sure I make the right decisions when those opportunities present themselves…We went through so many records. Just to hear [Diddy’s] input down to the smallest things, you know: percussions and snares and the production of the production. That’s what I want. That’s what I respect.” (MTV)

Check out Rick Ross speaking with SOHH last year down below:

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