Rick Ross To Wiz Khalifa, “What Would It Take For Us To Close The Deal W/ Maybach Music?”

Rick Ross To Wiz Khalifa, “What Would It Take For Us To Close The Deal W/ Maybach Music?”

Def Jam’s Rick Ross has publicly shared his admiration of rap newcomer Wiz Khalifa and would like to formally sign him to his Maybach Music record label.

Ross respects the Pittsburgh rapper’s loyalty and sees him as a hip-hop superstar.

“You know, Wiz, what’s happening, this is the Boss, Ricky Ross, Teflon Don,” the rapper said in an interview. “You know we spoke of this in the last week or two, but my question is even more personal that I’d love to ask you right now. What would it take for us to close the deal, Wiz Khalifa and Maybach Music? I feel like the homie is a superstar. We discussed this last week. He’s most definitely loyal to his team. But like I told him, there’s always more to get.” (MTV)

Recently, both emcees hopped on the “Super High” remix.

“Ross just kept it G, dawg. He seen my movement, he seen Curren$y‘s movement. He recognized what we do together, but he recognized us as individuals as well as a team,” Wiz said about the experience. “He reached out in a real way. Spiff [TV] called us. I think he reached out to Spitta first. Then Spiff, he reached out to me. I was still on another leg of my tour. So as soon as I got done with the last leg of my tour, soon as I got home, I went straight to the studio and knocked out the verse, sent it to Ross. He was like, ‘I love it. I’m flying you out next week. We doing the video.'” (Mixtape Daily)

After Wiz’s Deal Or No Deal album dropped last year, the rapper’s label, Rostrum Records, hit up SOHH to speak on his movement.

“We have built a strong fanbase for Wiz,” representative Arthur Pitt explained to SOHH, “even after leaving [Warner Bros. Records] and continue to do our thing grassroots. We dropped the album at a tough time too with no radio presence, major network video coverage, etc. 86 percent of the sales were digital which indicates the grip he has on the net which is the future of the business. We barely shipped more than a few thousand into stores…The impact that this album has had is just another stepping stone in Wiz’s career. We are more concerned about artist development and building a real fanbase rather than have overnight success. This is my 5th year being a part of Wiz’s career and we all couldn’t be happier with the results. ” (SOHH)

His record debuted within the Top 200 last December.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa’s Deal Or No Deal got off to a shaky start this week landing at No. 148. The emcee’s new release has shelled out 5,900 copies after seven days in stores. (Sales Wrap)

Check out a recent Wiz Khalifa interview down below:

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