Rick Ross To 50 Cent, “Stop F*cking Up Those Dr. Dre Beats”

Rick Ross To 50 Cent, “Stop F*cking Up Those Dr. Dre Beats”

Rick Ross continues to taunt 50 Cent, this time he’s offering to write the G-Unit leader’s lyrics to beats made by Dr. Dre.

Showing his differences are only with Fif, Ross revealed his respect for Dre while describing the reasoning behind the nickname he gave 50.

“He’s not straight, he’s a f*g, he’s gay, you know it, I know it” Ross said in an interview with Devi Dev. “Listen, we’re not gonna waste time on Curly, he’s a monkey, he can’t dress…Do us the biggest favor, stop f*cking up those Dr. Dre beats. Dre, you the best. Send ‘em to me. If not, pay me to write his raps. I’ll do that, it’s not a problem. Do me the biggest favor, n*ggas don’t wanna see me, don’t play yourself.” (Hard Knock TV)

Fif recently described his motivation for capitalizing off the name Curly.

“Pimpin’ Curly was something that spawned from a joke, I believe,” Fif said in an interview. “Rick Ross was attempting to make a joke, and I think Curly comes from Moe, Larry and Curly. And he called me Curly and I created a character based on it in order to respond to Rick Ross, Pimp Ken and Foxy Brown all at one time. That small portion of a skit that I came up with, we developed what is becoming a hit webisode. (AOL Black Voices)

Ross previously challanged 50’s lyrical content and the effect it had on Dre’s beats.

“You hear that production,” Ross asked. “No it’s not Dr. Dre production. These n*ggas make Dr. Dre look bad. They depreciating the value of Dr. Dre’s production. Your career is over, 50. Give it up. ’03 is no longer. I tried to inspire you. You released the worst sh*t I’ve ever heard in my career. Do yourself the biggest favor man. Smoke some kush, nah what I mean, eat man. You look, look like you haven’t been eatin’ man.” (World Star Hip Hop)

The Miami rapper was in New York City earlier this week previewing exclusive tracks from his forthcoming album Deeper Than Rap.

“First and foremost I wanna thank everybody out and having me,” Ross told the crowd. “I gotta salute the number one label in the game Def Jam Records…I wanna thank retail, I wanna thank radio, all aspects of the game when it comes down to the music ’cause you need all your counterparts to go with where we about to go with this one…The situation is magnificent and it’s only gonna get better. I want everybody to know that this is history. History for the boss. History for everybody that’s a part of this LP.” (SOHH On The Scene Blog)

Check out Rick Ross speak on 50 Cent and Dr. Dre below:

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