Rick Ross To 50 Cent, “I Could Take Advantage Of Your Fans & You Can’t Do The Same” [Video]

Rick Ross To 50 Cent, “I Could Take Advantage Of Your Fans & You Can’t Do The Same” [Video]

Rick Ross has questioned the loyalty of 50 Cent‘s fan base citing his ability to lure the rapper’s core audience as a result of their feud.

The “Boss” sarcastically thanked Fif for engaging in their battle promising no intent to stop his current taunts.

“We just getting money on this side. We just closed out my label deal with Maybach Music Group…We just putting our foot on their necks and getting more money bags…April 21, the streets will decide…We ain’t got nothin’ to worry about, we in a wonderful position and I wish it was something that would spill out into the streets…The monkey is doing me the biggest favor in the world because I could take advantage of his fans and he can’t do the same with mine being that he can’t go where I go…We ain’t never done with the situation ’til the monkey bow down.” (102 Jamz)

Ross previously said the rap battle was allowing fans to notice his advanced lyricsm as compared to 50’s.

“My freestyles as you could hear them, ‘Kiss My Pinky Ring,’ I do them in 20 minutes and put them out there,” he said in an interview. “Those crumble empires. People listening to how potent the music is. That’s all this really is for me. I’m not really excited yet. All this is a platform for me to show people how talented I am. How much better of a lyricist I am. So if [50] sold 10 [million], my next album should sell 12.” (MTV News)

He has also greenlighted the involvement of his babies’ mothers in interviews calling out 50’s lack of “gangsta” for not being sexually involved with his child’s mother, Tia.

“Curly as we call him in the South,” Ross said in an interview. “That’s what we call him. He’s not straight. We like girls. See if he was a real gangsta, a real ‘G’, if he was gonna take her up and take her shopping, you should have banged on tape. That’s what you shoulda did. (Hot 97)

Ironically, Fif has advertised an alleged sex tape co-starring Ross’ other baby’s mother, Brooke.

“Corrections Officer/ Rapper’s Live-In Baby’s Mother Up To No Good While He’s Out On Tour,” the BooBooTv site description reads. “D*mn!!!!! XXX 18 And Over Only Or Officer Ricky Will Arrest You!!! World Premiere, Thursday, March 12. ‘It’s time to make a movie'” (BooBooTV)

Check out Ross talk about benefiting from the rap battle below:

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