Rick Ross’ “Teflon Don” Reportedly Pushed Back, New Release Date Revealed

Rick Ross’ “Teflon Don” Reportedly Pushed Back, New Release Date Revealed

Southern rapper Rick RossTeflon Don album has reportedly been pushed back to July.

Def Jam South president DJ Khaled broke the news on his Twitter page early Tuesday (May 18) morning.

“RT @djnasty102: We Rockin Out Right Now!!! @DjNasty102″All I Do Is Win Remix” @TheRealDJKhaled We about To Get “Super High” Ricky Ross,” he wrote. “Today was a great day great night ! Trust me when I tell u! Teflon don coming soon! JULY 6!!!” (DJ Khaled’s Twitter)

Ross recently revealed a new underground project being in the works.

“I’m in the lab cooking up Teflon Don, the album,” Ross said in an interview. “I’m also wrapping up a mixtape by the name of Albert Anastasia. The Albert Anastasia EP, hosted by DJ Smallz, lookout for that sh*t. We gonna drop that Memorial Weekend just for the streets…A few n*ggas used to call me ‘Fat Albert’ growing up. It was funny and then stumbled across another name. It’s cool, do your history. It’s most definitely a dope mixtape, it’s most definitely gonna have all new music on there. I’ve been releasing a few freestyles, just prepping the sh*t up. It’s gonna be a classic mixtape just to feed the real n*ggas in the streets just before I give them this Teflon Don.” (Spliff TV)

The rapper has also confirmed having a Jay-Z collaboration on the upcoming Teflon Don album.

“The majority of the details of the album I’ve been trying to keep under wraps so the fans can savor the music that much more,” Ross said in a recent interview. “I most definitely have confirmed Jay-Z being on the album. [The song] is like an atomic bomb. I’m just waiting to push the button. Shout-out to Roc Nation. Shout-out to Kanye West…The funny thing is the way the record was done. I followed him to a few Blueprint 3 tour dates. I was chillin’ in the back, smoked out. As soon as he gets offstage, we was chillin’, vibing. His last date, which was in Vegas, he killed the show. We left the show, went to Tao for the afterparty. It was 30 bottles of Ace of Spades [champagne]. He left there, went and killed the craps table, the poker table. Then we got in the studio, and he laced me. It was the most phenomenal verse….It’s not ‘Maybach Music 3.’ You could kill the rumors. This is something totally unexpected, and we talking that talk. I’m just excited, man. I’m expecting big things from this Teflon Don project.” (MTV)

Ross said fans could expect a lot of surprises on his fourth solo album last month.

“We got a real nice line-up,” Ross told DJ Envy in an interview. “I haven’t actually picked all the records that’s actually gonna make the album but for sure, my man Jay-Z is on the album. And we got some more surprises so you just gotta keep your ear to the streets…We got a lot of surprises man. We got a lot of big records on this project and you know, we’re just keeping it intimate so we can surprise the fans and give them what they really want.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

Check out a recent Rick Ross interview below:

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