Rick Ross Talks Biz Plans For “The Real” Ricky Ross, “We Both Hustlers” [Audio]

Rick Ross Talks Biz Plans For “The Real” Ricky Ross, “We Both Hustlers” [Audio]

Miami rapper Rick Ross recently discussed his thoughts on the release of Ricky “Freeway” Ross from a 14 year prison sentence and his anticipation to work with the former drug trafficker.

Speaking with radio personality Jenny Boom Boom, the rapper described how he would like to pursue a business relationship with Ross.

“I mean most definitely,” Ross said regarding a possible business relationship. “You know I’m a business man so any business we could do, you know, it is most definitely something I look forward to doing. I mean a dude that just did a little time he could really reflect on different things, I don’t know what kinda business ventures he know but me, we in to films and different things like that. You’ll never know what a man is up to. Of course not , [I haven’t met him.] But you know I been in the game a few years, shout-out to him, he’s doing his thing. Do we have any business together? No we don’t, but you know, we both hustlers. So I wish him the best, so you know, that’s what I say on that.” (Jenny Boom Boom)

The mother of Ross’ son, Tia Kemp, recently questioned why he chose to change his rap alias multiple times before deciding on the drug dealer’s name.

“Rick Ross is a liar,” Tia told radio personality Angela Yee. “You can’t believe anything that comes outta this guy’s mouth at this point. I mean nothing. I was with him for three years. He lies about everything. I think [it’s a mental condition]. He’s psychotic…I have no idea [why he chose the name ‘Rick Ross’]. Why would you wanna take someone else’s name? Seriously, like you went from ‘Teflon’ to ‘Willow’ to ‘Rick Ross.’ Are you serious? He may have to change his name soon from ‘Rick Ross’ because Rick Ross is home now. He gonna have to see him.” (The Morning After)

Freeway Ricky Ross has recently been shouted-out on various songs including Young Buck‘s “Did You Miss Me.”

“All these rappers wanna talk about how much money they got, how much work then done flipped, I don’t see none of you n*ggas out here, I’m out here for real,” Buck says in the intro. “Since everybody rich now, f*ck it I’m broke…Freeway Ricky Ross be home end of March/We gotta all stay together, ain’t nothin’ fell apart/I’d be lying sittin’ here actin’ like the sh*t ain’t hard.” (“Did You Miss Me”)

Aside from being released earlier this month and featured on BET‘s “American Gangster” series, Freeway is reportedly preparing a new television show.

A new reality show called “A Year With Freeway Ricky Ross” is currently in production and will go along with Ricky Ross as he leaves prison and moves into a halfway house in California. The show will follow his attempt to regain his former fortune through legal means, while at the same time making amends with the community. (Freeway Ricky Ross)

Check out Ross’ interview with Jenny Boom Boom below:

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