Rick Ross Stands By Corrections Officer Past On “Valley Of Death” [Audio]

Rick Ross Stands By Corrections Officer Past On “Valley Of Death” [Audio]

While originally believed to be an anti-50 Cent diss record, Rick Ross‘ “Valley of Death” touches on the rapper’s reasons behind his past employment in law enforcement.

No longer featuring Lil Wayne, the Miami rapper is heard hinting at how large of a role he had as a corrections officer in the mid-1990’s.

“I’m bigger than a title, bigger than a name,” Ross raps. “You can label me the biggest label in the game. Put food on the table, fed the whole city…Call your boy a C.O./But if I really was, wouldn’t all these n*ggas undercover be f*cking n*ggas up/Keep it trilla, n*gga never had a gun and badge/Kept a nice watch, smokin’ on a hundred sack…And I got two kids, and for me to feed ‘em I did two gigs/I shoveled sh*t/I C.O.’ed, so we could bow our head and pray over the meatloaf/I’m lookin’ at the big picture/Keep a b*tch with cha/Tryin’ to get a bit richer.” (Rap Radar)

In the past few months, only the first verse of Ross’ track has leaked over the Internet.

“Walk like a giant/ Talk like a tyrant,” Ross raps. “Lord knows when I see this monkey I’mma be the devil/ Beat him ’cause I’m clever/ Beat him at whatever/ You never was a G n*gga…New York unified, down South love that/ When we got the shine, motherf*ckers where the love at/ Real n*ggas get money, better log on/ Think the game dead, imagine when your dawg gone/ Imagine when it’s all gone/ When you fall off, it’s only one to call on.” (Ozone Magazine)

Packed with roughly 14 tracks, the rapper’s album will offer a variety of guest appearances.

Features include Lil Wayne, Kanye West, T-Pain, John Legend, Magazeen, Nas, The-Dream, Robin Thicke, Foxy Brown, Gunplay, Ne-Yo and Trina. (Press Release)

Aside from promoting his album, Ross recently recruited The Game, Fat Joe and Ja Rule for his anti-50 record “Mafia Music” remix.

“I don’t give a f*ck, I will burn your jehri curls,” Joe raps in the song. “[Tony] Yayo is his bottom b*tch, [Lloyd] Banks is a girly girl/Don’t worry about Whoo Kid…Big up to Maybach Music / Got them choppers man, don’t make us use it/ Hits out the park they call me big papi/ Even if you shot me you still couldn’t stop me/ Still went to Africa, still wore the big chain/ Where you got robbed at n*gga on the same stage / I say sh*t that you can’t say/ ’cause I am not a snitch, I’m not b*tch made.” (YouTube)

Ross’ Deeper Than Rap hits retail stores Tuesday, April 21 via Def Jam.

Check out Ross’ revealing “Valley of Death” record below:

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