Rick Ross Spreads Anti-50 Cent Campaign Across London Airwaves [Video]

Rick Ross Spreads Anti-50 Cent Campaign Across London Airwaves [Video]

Rick Ross has carried his taunts towards 50 Cent across the waters with verbal jabs aimed at the rapper during an interview with United Kingdom’s DJ Semtex.

While asked to name his top ten “hip-hop” figures, Ross wasted no time sidetracking his list in order to mock 50’s latest antics, including his fictional “Pimpin’ Curly” character.

“[Diddy] could f*ck all the bad h*es, Curly, see,” Ross said in the interview. “Everybody f*cks h*es but you…You ever got your d*ck sucked on the dance floor in the club? You know Curly hasn’t. F*cking monkey wearing a f*cking monkey shirt with a, eh, you need to smoke some weed…And you noticed ain’t nobody wearing wigs on that list. Ain’t no body shoppin’ for dildos. We ain’t with it. So London, UK, it’s been my pleasure. It’s the biggest boss in the business.” (Spliff TV)

Ross also recently performed alongside DJ Khaled in Philadelphia to a crowd of fans taunting the G-Unit leader.

“When I say Rick, y’all say Ross,” Khaled told an audience. “Somebody better let 50 Cent know I’m the motherf*cking boss,” Ross told the screaming audience. “I’m the biggest boss that you seen thus far.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Despite Ross’ city and statewide disses, 50 Cent has created a “BooBooTV” website attempting to expose the Miami rapper’s personal life and friends.

“This one of the motherf*cking Ricky homeboys, man,” Fif’s character Curly says in one of the video’s intros featuring Gunplay. “Look at this, I want you to hear this sh*t…n*gga ain’t sh*t man, you can look and see he’s high…Look at this joker man, I know the n*gga still live at his mama house…He broke man…N*gga on the floor man, n*gga knocked him the f*ck out..God d*mn man, out there in the street. Yeah, that n*gga sleep man, that n*gga sleep right there…Why n*gga ain’t talking hard now? (BooBooTV)

With rising tensions between Ross and Fif, SOHH reached out to rappers like Bun B to have them share their thoughts on rap’s most publicized beef thus far.

“This is rap,” Bun said. “We’ve had beef in rap since the beginning of rap. There are very few of the early artists in the music industry that didn’t have some kind of an issue with another artist at some point. As long as nobody gets physically hurt, I don’t see why anybody really should have a problem with it. I think everybody will come out of it alright. 50 is going to be alright. Ross will be alright.” (SOHH)

Check out Ross’ interview with DJ Semtex below:

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