Rick Ross Spills Details On New LP, “The Title Of My Next Studio Album Is So Appropriate” [Video]

Rick Ross Spills Details On New LP, “The Title Of My Next Studio Album Is So Appropriate” [Video]

Southern rapper Rick Ross has announced the title of his upcoming album and has said his decision was based on the everyday struggle he encounters within the music industry.

While keeping details to a minimum, the “Boss” promised both a solo project and the release of his Triple C‘s Custom Cars and Cycles later this year.

“You gotta understand, I feel like I overcame so many things,” Ross said in an interview. “Not only in music, but in my everyday life — being a young black man, being an entrepreneur, being a father. I learned a lot of things. I’m turning right around, putting it back into music. It’s still a lot of things I deal with. Still a lot of negativity. That’s what it is, and that’s why I feel the title of my next studio album is so appropriate. It’s the first album, I’ma let y’all know what it is, title of the next studio album is Teflon Don.” (MTV)

His latest album, Deeper Than Rap, debuted atop the charts last month.

The “Boss” Rick Ross’ Deeper Than Rap dropped out of both the Top 10 and Top 20 sliding 13 spots to No. 22 with 19,800. After five weeks on shelves, the Miami rapper’s third No. 1 release has sold 290,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Ross’ popularity has also been received by fans and rappers alike including Wu-Tang Clan‘s Raekwon.

“I like Ross’ swag, I like his style,” Raekwon said in an interview. “He’s another one that reminds me of myself. A big fat n*gga that got a lot of good charisma. As far as him being one of the greatest emcees, I give him his little spot. To me, right about now, I look at n*ggas saying some sh*t. He say his little thing, I can appreciate what he’s saying so as far as the upcoming n*ggas that’s really making it happen, I consider him one of the great ones too. He get it in, he know how to rhyme. So I look at that as being great. He ain’t come in with the little baby rhymes, he came in to spit.” (Take This Serious)

With his success and rap battle with G-Unit, Ross previously mocked 50 Cent‘s “career-ending” threats earlier this year.

“We got a lot of money,” Ross said in a video last April. “I just bought four new whips. F*cking monkey said he was gonna ruin my life, haha! I’m waitin’ for it man. Life is actually better. Follow my time pieces man. Follow my whips. Chornicle my triumph. You n*ggas still can’t dress. Youse a monkey…You don’t get tired of wearing those ugly jeans? Those ugly shoes? You lost all that weight and your face sunk in with your fake teeth, it ain’t a good look…Y’all stay tuned, it gets deeper.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Ross announcing his new album below:

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