Rick Ross Set To Go “Deep” W/ Nas & Lil’ Wayne, “Shattering Anything You Could Be Thinking”

Rick Ross Set To Go “Deep” W/ Nas & Lil’ Wayne, “Shattering Anything You Could Be Thinking”

Miami rapper Rick Ross has revealed details on his forthcoming album Deeper Than Rap including confirmed guest appearances by Nas and Lil’ Wayne.

The “Boss” is confident in the new release saying it will “shatter” the competition.

“I’mma say this, on Deeper Than Rap, there is a ‘Maybach Music, Pt. 2,’ and it is special,” Ross said in an interview. “I gotta shout out Weezy…Mary J. Blige, she’s the voice of that R&B hip-hop sound…It was just a pleasure for her to get in the studio and lace me with a classic…March 24, Deeper Than Rap is shattering the game and shattering anything you could be thinking about other than number ones and doing big things.” “‘Usual Suspects’ with Nas Escobar, that’s such a movie. Amazing,” said DJ Khaled — who acted as the album’s A&R rep. (MTV News)

An unconfirmed tracklisting of songs has reportedly leaked online.

“Songs from Deeper Than Rap will include ‘Magnificent’, ‘Mafia Music’, ‘On Top of the World’, ‘Cigar Music’, ‘Usual Suspects’, ‘Maybach Music, Pt. 2′ and more.” (Deeper Than Rap)

Ross is known for his hit records including “Speedin'” from 2008’s Trilla which he has stressed was made for the streets.

“The concept is being young men chasing a dream not ready to stop,” Ross previously said in an interview. “To young n*ggas like me in the street, stopping is too close to dying, so I’m speeding, speeding to be the best.” (Def Jam)

Deeper Than Rap will be the rapper’s third solo Def Jam project.

The Miami anthem “Hustlin'” went on to receive gold status from RIAA in May 2006 and sold over a million ringtone units before the physical release of his debut album, Port of Miami. Released in August 2006, Ross’ debut was Slip-N-Side’s first project under the Def Jam partnership, and it went to number one on the Billboard album chart. His follow-up, Trilla, was released the following year, prefaced with the Cool & Dre-produced title track. (All Music)

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