Rick Ross Says G-Unit Begged For Mercy, “Offered Me A Sum Of Money To Fall Back” [Video]

Rick Ross Says G-Unit Begged For Mercy, “Offered Me A Sum Of Money To Fall Back” [Video]

Rick Ross recently claimed a G-Unit associate contacted him for a secret conversation and offered him money to cease his attacks on 50 Cent.

While saying he upped the price to $500,000, the “Boss” also said the pay-off would not stop his taunts towards G-Unit members Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.

“It’s only right I came to New York City to write my ‘Mafia Music’ remix verse…It’s funny I say ‘Mafia Music’ remix because today I get a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name, he told me, was Nelson Gomez. N*gga Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back. I told him make it a half a million and I’ll chill on Curly. But that don’t go for Yayo and the other guy…I’ma still see them. Y’all gotta pay separate. So if I do agree to fall back on the n*gga ’cause they give me the money, I ain’t giving the other n*ggas a pass. ‘Cause the monkey said don’t give n*ggas passes.” (Torch Is NY)

Ross associate Gunplay has also become involved in the rap beef with the release of his diss record “Motivation” going at G-Unit.

“I beat a blogger like his father,” Gunplay raps in the song. “That’s a half a milli/And that’s just Carol City/My life story too long, a album couldn’t fit it/Torch burnt Blanks/I’ma get at Yayo/Ross killed Curly/All three D.O.A. yo/Ain’t no combat.” (Freddy Fred TV)

He previously challenged Fif to a physical fight in past interviews.

“These n*ggas don’t understand, boy,” Gunplay said in a video. “Real n*ggas go through real things dawg…You can’t get everything on camera, but they got that. You win some, you lose some, n*gga. It’s nothin’. You do it, you do it 50 and any blogger…You got your chain snatched on stage, man. Take a look. Don’t f*cking play with me.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Aside from his issues with 50, Ross has teamed with director Rik Cordero for an upcoming short film.

Coming soon…Rick Ross meets Rik Cordero. Synopsis: The seemingly calculated murder of his older brother sends a young man on a path of crime and vengeance when he stumbles upon the killers years later. Executive Produced by Rick Ross, directed by Rik Cordero, written by Rik Cordero, Aaron F. Schnore and Mike Fox. (Nah Right)

Check out Ross’ video below:

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