Rick Ross Says Drake Bond Is Deeper Than Rap, “We Stay On Skype”

Rick Ross Says Drake Bond Is Deeper Than Rap, “We Stay On Skype”

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has confirmed plans to hook-up with Drake for a new mixtape titled Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once) and said their bond is deeper than rap.

In addition to confirming the project, Ricky Rozay said he keeps in contact with Drizzy over Internet video service Skype.

“You know, it’s official, the music is most definitely official,” Ross said in an interview. “But you know, me being a boss, I’m trying to find a way that we could put that on the shelves for the world, baby. But it’s most definitely official. You know, Drake, I consider him a part of the fam. It’s not just music — We stay in the studio, we stay on Skype.” (MTV)

Last week, Drake unveiled plans to link with Ross in the studio for a collaborative effort.

Drake revealed to XXL that the much talked about joint album withLil Wayne is on the back burner, possibly for good, but he and Rick Ross have been exchanging ideas for a duet mixtape. “I have been working on a mixtape with Ross,” Drake said. “A mixtape called Y.O.L.O. [That means] ‘You Only Live Once’. I’ve been working on that for the last couple of weeks. We haven’t really connected because he’s been going through this thing with his health. I’ve been stashing my little beats and verses.” (XXL Mag)

In August, Drake hinted at working alongside Ricky Rozay on a potential joint effort.

“[One person] I’ve discussed doing projects with is obviously Lil Wayne,” Drake said in an interview. “And one of the people of the people I enjoy rapping with most in this business is Rozay [Rick Ross]. Me and him have talked about potentially doing something after our albums comes out. I just love making songs with him. Every time we make a song it just seems to be something I love listening to after the fact when I’m in my car.” (Entertainment Weekly)

Earlier this year, Ross talked about Drake co-signing his Maybach Music Group movement.

“Yeah, yeah, [Drake’ll be on the Self Made compilation album], most definitely. Drake will be on the compilation and you know that’s the homie so it’s all love. He’s embracing the movement and you know, it just feels good to rock out with your family. Shout-out to YMCMB.” (Bootleg Kev)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage down below:

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