Rick Ross Responds To Baby Mama Betrayal, “Would I Stand Between Her Making A Few Extra Dollars”

Rick Ross Responds To Baby Mama Betrayal, “Would I Stand Between Her Making A Few Extra Dollars”

Rick Ross recently gave his son’s mother a pass for the controversial interview she gave 50 Cent to promote her tell-all book about her life with Ross. 

The Miami rapper spoke with radio personality Miss Info over the weekend approving his former girlfriend to meet and speak with 50 despite the current rap battle.

“You had your people contact my baby mama and she asked if they offered money to talk to me,” Ross told Info regarding 50. “You gotta understand, she has never made more than $300 a week in her life. Would I stand between her making a few dollars with this monkey? Of course not, go up there, accomplish whatever you feel you need to accomplish, he’s never hurt a f*cking bird, a fly. I’m pretty sure you’ll be surrounded by cops. He’s an informant. Just as a reminder, he doesn’t count in the South.” (Miss Info)

50 has also detailed his strategy against Ross.

“This was just the perfect setting, this guy’s a piece of cake,” 50 told Funkmaster Flex in a radio interview. “I watch everything that’s going on…Hip-Hop is the most competitive genre of music so it’s a sport at the same time…if you don’t fit in because you make good music, you have to make good music within timelines to continuously be relevant. The youth enjoy hip-hop and they have a little attention span. I don’t think he can recover from what I’ve already done…I’ve prepared more. That was just an introduction.” (Hot 97)

The G-Unit leader has recently unleashed an ensemble of documents, facts and footage aiming to discredit Ross, including an interview with the rapper’s ex.

“Hi I’m Tia, the mother of Rick Ross’ son and here’s my story…As you listen to his raps you would def believe him but It is surprising that he would sit there and say he spent $200 a month on food $300 a month on clothes. His jewelry is rented possibly not real, his cars are being leased…He was a Corrections Officer. (ThisIs50)

Ross has yet to attempt a response attack towards 50 despite allegedly sparking the beef with his name dropping “Mafia Music.”

“I’m stepping on your crew ’til the motherf*ckers crunch,” Ross rapped, “And making sweet love to every woman that you lust / I love to pay your bills, can’t wait to pay your rent / Curtis Jackson baby mama ain’t looking for a cent / Burn the house down, gotta buy another / Don’t forget the gas can, jealous motherf*cker…”

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