Rick Ross’ “Reebok’s Back” Blew Up Company’s Expectations, Reebok Rep Says

Rick Ross’ “Reebok’s Back” Blew Up Company’s Expectations, Reebok Rep Says

As Swizz Beatz and Rick Ross‘ “Reebok’s Back” continues to become the summer sneaker anthem, SOHH hit up one of the company’s product managers to find out the company’s overall reaction to the hit.

Reebok Classics Product Manager Damion Presson called the “Reebok’s Back” collaboration anything but expected.

“I think it was totally unexpected,” Presson told SOHH when asked about Reebok’s reaction to Ross’ “Reebok’s Back” track. “I don’t think anyone expected that and that’s kind of how Swizz [Beatz] operates. He just does things and you’re like, ‘Wow.’ I think the reaction from the building, when the rest of the company heard it was just blown away. He did a song with one of the hottest rappers in the game right now about Reebok. ‘Reebok’s Back.’ I mean, people were just blown away. Everyone was just taken back like, ‘Wow, this guy just goes so hard.’ So it really shows the passion and I think people here at Reebok appreciate that and that’s why they’ll go the extra mile for Swizz because they know he’s out there on the street going hard…It’s funny because I work so closely with him that sometimes I’ll have designers walk by me and say, ‘Reebok Is Back’, the song, just because they’re excited and they know I have a close relationship with Swizz. So it’s an exciting time. It’s very, very exciting. ” (SOHH)

The “Reebok’s Back” track spiraled throughout the Internet in late June.

Swizz Beatz celebrates his partnership with Reebok to launch a shoe line by debuting a music video for “Reebok Back”, a remix of Meek Mill’s anthemic single “Tupac Back”. He dropped the visuals, which feature another Maybach Music rapper Rick Ross, as the latest offering of his Monster Mondays series. (Ace Showbiz)

Last month, Beatz hit up SOHH and talked about his aim at Reebok with high expectations and duties.

“It’s not only on some urban level but really on a global level. They’re letting me take the whole business model to the next level. I don’t have an endorsement deal. I don’t have a ‘Swizz Beatz’ sneaker. The Kamikaze [sneaker] is just a part of what we’re doing as an entire brand. I’m [involved] in all categories from apparel to stuff we’re doing in the art world, basketball and just everything from A to Z.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Last week, Swizzy held a Reebok sneaker launch party in New York City and declared his quest for greatness.

“I want y’all to understand the movement and the opportunity that we all have. Reebok is definitely back. I am happy to be the creative director globally,” he said. “That puts me up there with the Marc Jacobs and Karl Lagerfelds. To have that position coming from the South Bronx… I tell everybody that the sky is not the limit, it’s just the view.” (Miss Info)

Check out “Reebok’s Back” below:

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