Rick Ross Puts Himself On Blast W/ Africa Tweet

Rick Ross Puts Himself On Blast W/ Africa Tweet

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross has the Twitter world in chuckles after mistakenly calling Africa a country instead of the second-largest and second-most populous continent on the planet.

Ross made his now-infamous Twitter comment Monday (June 24) afternoon.

“Just landed in the beautiful country of Africa..I can tell you that the world is excited for #TheGifted,” Ross tweeted June 24th. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

The rap star’s mistake has already sparked ample Twitter responses and jokes.

“.@rickyrozay doesn’t know that having sex w/ an unconscious person is rape. Why did y’all expect him to know that Africa was a continent?” (Freedom Raves’ Twitter)

A couple years ago, Ross credited the beauty of South Africa for influencing his God Forgives, I Don’t solo album’s content.

“South Africa was beautiful,” he tweeted December 15, 2011.

“Wrote an album worth of material there..my view was priceless.”

“It’s Official Drop’n New Mixtape!!! #RozayNewTap” (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Back in 2010, married couple Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys went to South Africa to bless their first child together.

“Swizz couldn’t get Ezimbuzini, the slum we visited in Soweto, out of his mind. He immediately got up early [one] morning and bought clothes for the ENTIRE village!!! Wooooowwww! He had promised he would go back and when he came back, everyone was SO excited to see him! “SWIZZYYYY!!!!” They yelled!!! And with the help of the beautiful residents, along with the people he brought with him to deliver the gifts, everything was perfectly organized and everyone got something new to wear! The whole village was ecstatic and grateful that he showed them so much love and his presence proved to them that our support wasn’t just temporary.” (I Am A Superwoman)

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