Rick Ross’ Protege Says Men Lie, Women Lie & Numbers Too, “Sales Don’t Determine Respect” [Video]

Rick Ross’ Protege Says Men Lie, Women Lie & Numbers Too, “Sales Don’t Determine Respect” [Video]

Triple C’s Torch recently shared his views on the misinterpretation of album sales and why respect cannot be determined by Nielsen SoundScan numbers.

According to Rick Ross‘ protege, he doesn’t have a high regard for sales numbers.

“N*ggas be going off of the Triple C’s, it’s a lot of respect that n*ggas can’t see,” Torch explained in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star. “N*ggas be trying to judge sh*t off record sales. You can’t really judge it nowadays off of record sales. Sales don’t determine respect. N*ggas was doing this before n*ggas tried to sell a record. N*ggas had all this respect in the world. I go everywhere. N*ggas see me everywhere. Dolo too. I don’t need 50 n*ggas to walk with me. I be everywhere dolo. Eh, it’s a respect factor. You carry yourself as a boss, n*ggas treat you like one.” (Movie Star Status DVD)

Torch’s Def Jam labelmate Redman also recently declared album sales as irrelevant in today’s entertainment climate.

“You gotta understand, we’re doing a movement,” Red said in an interview. “It’s not just about record sales. F*ck how many motherf*ckers got the biggest sales and all that. That don’t mean sh*t. Motherf*ckers be having high a** sales but not respected in the street, not respected for the culture. It’s not about sales no more, it’s about a movement. Who’s gonna follow that movement? Red and [Method Man] are the smoking movement. Any time we drop an album, y’all should be at the f*cking store, whether you like it or not and buy the f*cking album. December 7th, Reggie.” (Best of Both Offices)

Triple C’s 2009 debut, Custom Cars & Cycles landed on the sales chart last year.

Rick Ross & Triple C’s new album, Custom Cars & Cycles landed onto the charts this week at No. 44. With seven days under their names, the group consisting of Ross, Gunplay, Young Breed and Torch were able to sell 12,100 records after a week in stores. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Prior to the album sales, Ross rap rival 50 Cent mocked the crew’s inability to sell units.

“Threw the death blow to Rick, boom, six months later, Triple C’s CD come Tuesday, you gonna find what those numbers are and you’re gonna fall out,” Fif promised in an interview. “You’re gonna identify with the death blow. They can break ten [thousand copies] if they buy some. They can buy some. I don’t know [all their names]. We know the police officer. We know the one that got knocked out. We know the kid from the Bronx. He’s the tough one, right? The other guy, he wasn’t sure if he wanted dreads or he wanted a flat top…People are developing this thing with me where they feel like I’m the bad guy, like I have bad intentions. It’s not actually true, actually, I’d like to speak with the kids and tell them, ‘Please, do not be this. Do not be like this.’ [laughs] You understand?” (My Place)

Check out Torch’s interview below:

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