Rick Ross On Slim Thug “King Boss” Leak Disses, “He Responded In A Way That Was Totally Understandable”

Rick Ross On Slim Thug “King Boss” Leak Disses, “He Responded In A Way That Was Totally Understandable”

Southern rapper Rick Ross recently discussed his short-lived dispute with Slim Thug after a record called “King Boss” leaked and name checked the “Boss Hogg.”

Despite the record being outdated and not intended to taunt Thugga, Ross understood the Houston emcee’s heated reaction.

“First of all, I wanna salute the homie, Slim Thugga,” Ross said in an interview. “Maybe two weeks ago, a record had surfaced that I recorded before I even met Slim Thug. Just not knowing the dude and made the record and, after the fact, maybe four or five years later, the record leaked. He responded in a way that was totally understandable. What was funny about that situation is that Slim Thug is actually an artist that after I met him, embraced me and showed me the most love. The homie, Slim Thug, and I gotta salute the homie, Trae Tha Truth.” (MTV)

Tensions recently grew between both emcees after Ross’ “King Boss” name checked Slim Thug.

“I be in it for a minute,” Ross raps referring to a female companion. “She dated Slim Thug, but now she f*ck with me/She finally made it to the biggest boss, luckily/Rick Ross, see my life dog, similar to Phife Dawg‘s…” (“King Boss”)

Thug questioned the song via Twitter and also dissed Ross.

“Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride,” Slim tweeted Sunday (August 29).

“Naw yall ain’t gotta stop f*cking wit him for me I just heard what he had to say about me so if u dnt f*ck wit me I dnt f*ck wit u #datsall.”

“I reached out ask if it was a diss if it was old he shoulda just said dat but no response to me mean he still feel like dat.” (Slim Thug’s Twitter)

Following the record’s release, Slim and Ross called a truce and released their new collaboration, “Paid The Cost.”

“If it ain’t about money then I ain’t involved,” Slim raps, “If them numbers add up, then it’s problem solved/Think like a boss, move like a boss — Said I’m shining like a light bulb/And if you f*ck with real n*ggas, then you gonna like Thug/MIA to the H, Dade to the loft, me and Ross teaching n*ggas how to be the boss.” (“Paid The Cost”)

Check out “Paid The Cost” below:

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