Rick Ross On MMG’s Future: “As Far As Where We’re Going, I Want To Just…” [Video]

Rick Ross On MMG’s Future: “As Far As Where We’re Going, I Want To Just…” [Video]

Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross recently spoke on his growing record label empire and what the future holds for a roster which consists of Wale, Meek Mill, Gunplay and more artists.

While he would not put a limit to how far MMG can go, Ricky Rozay said his focus is to just continue living the dream by working hard and dropping timeless music.

“Well, basically man, it was dreams come true. That’s the end result of that hard work, that grind, and that’s basically where I like to put it,” Ross said in an interview when asked about MMG’s future. “As far as where we’re going, I want to just keep making timeless records and keep giving other artists opportunities to live they dreams. That’s the real reward of it, when you see a dude come in with his bookbag and that desire and years later, he’s on the Forbes list. … When you grinding everyday, you’re putting your best foot forward everyday, only positive things can happen for you.” (Q 93.3)

Ross also briefly touched on Wale’s upcoming The Gifted album.

“He’s coming out in a couple of months, [his album’s] called the Gifted. This is such an incredible album, I’m proud of the homie, you know what I’m saying? He’s staying true to his roots with one of the biggest records. Salute to everybody who’s supporting his first single, ‘Bad.’ Shout-out to Tiara Thomas. It’s one of the fastest growing records.” (Q 93.3)

Recently, the Washington, DC native warned fellow hip-hop artists about the dangers of carrying too many people in their entourages.

“I don’t have no [dead weight]. Message to all rappers, stop carrying around dead weight, ‘Yes Men,’ dog. That sh*t is not lucrative at all. It’s not lucrative. [Do I have stories?] Nah, I just see a lot of dead weight. You’ve got to make sure everybody’s working, man. … In any hustle, you’ve got to put in something to get something. A lot of people think you sign a record deal and kick your feet up. I think when you sign a record deal, you’ve got to become even more independent because you’re getting a push. If you don’t get to a certain level with the push, you look crazy. I’d rather do no numbers independent than doing no numbers with a major. I fear that failure more than I want to get money. I’m scared to fail. The money ain’t the issue at all.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

MMG’s Meek Mill is currently preparing for the release of his debut novel, The Tony Story.

The book will follow the story of two friends, Tony and Ty, who become enemies as a result of greed, envy and money, as well as those who become entangled in their conflict. The story also takes place in Mill’s hometown and the description of the book boasts that, “Philly won’t be the same after you’re a witness to Tony Story.” Mill is also gearing up for the release of the third installment of his ‘Dreamchasers’ series which should be out on May 6th. (The Versed)

Check out Rick Ross’ interview:

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