Rick Ross On Joining Law Enforcement, “People Need To Open Their Minds”

Rick Ross On Joining Law Enforcement, “People Need To Open Their Minds”

On BET’s television special “The Rick Ross Story: Deeper Than Rap,” the Miami rapper details the reasons behind becoming a corrections officer in the mid-1990s saying it was a job he was asked to do.

While refusing to name any particular parties, the rapper claimed he initially did not want to become a law enforcement employee.

“That was me in the photo, most definitely” Ross said regarding last summer’s leaked image of him in a police uniform. “When rumors surfaced, I felt like me going to a radio station giving a yes or no answer wouldn’t be a clear depiction of the situation. Because since I was a little kid, I ran with a team. I was politely asked to take a position and most definitely it was a position I ain’t wanna take because I was living a whole ‘nother lifestyle but it was something the team asked me to do. They gave me a little time period for me to make a few moves, I can’t go into why I did it. I can’t go into what was happenin’. I didn’t understand it at first neither, after a few months I did. The day I was done with my duty, I walked out…I think people really need to open their minds up to what really is a hustle and what surviving is about. And not that I look back on it, I really thank the O.G. for asking me to do that.” (BET)

Ross previously explained his motivation for taking part in the BET special.

So what we did was we got with BET and we chronicle my life so people can understand that by the time I was 17 years-old, 18 years-old, I was in a nice home, I was in whips, I was doing a lot of different things and I made a few moves,” Ross said in an interview. “If Rick Ross did work at one of these places, it wasn’t for the obvious reasons. There’s a lot of gold mines around people’s faces that they don’t really know how to take advantage of…Yeah that picture is Rick Ross.” (Big Boy’s Neighborhood)

He also hints at how large of a role he had in his song “Valley of Death.”

“I’m bigger than a title, bigger than a name,” Ross raps. “You can label me the biggest label in the game. Put food on the table, fed the whole city…Call your boy a C.O./But if I really was, wouldn’t all these n*ggas undercover be f*cking n*ggas up/Keep it trilla, n*gga never had a gun and badge/Kept a nice watch, smokin’ on a hundred sack…And I got two kids, and for me to feed ‘em I did two gigs/I shoveled sh*t/I C.O.’ed, so we could bow our head and pray over the meatloaf/I’m lookin’ at the big picture/Keep a b*tch with cha/Tryin’ to get a bit richer.” (Rap Radar)

Former G-Unit associate Bang Em Smurf recently discussed his respect for some corrections officers.

“Shout-out to the boss man, there’s a lot of sh*t going on about this C.O. sh*t and homie being a C.O. back in the day,” Smurf said in avideo. “I don’t give a f*ck about none of that ’cause at the end of the day, Dr. Dre was a she-thing, a drag queen…I got some gangsters that’s C.O.’s from my hood…and they get busy. At the end of the day, I bang with a few C.O.’s, not every C.O. but I got a few I did. And Ross a real n*gga, by the way. He kept his word a hundred with me from day one.” (WSHH)

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