Rick Ross On G-Unit’s Sha Money XL At Def Jam, “There’s No Animosity Here”

Rick Ross On G-Unit’s Sha Money XL At Def Jam, “There’s No Animosity Here”

Southern rapper Rick Ross has opened up about G-Unit associate Sha Money XL being appointed as the new Senior VP of A&R at Def Jam.

While he has not yet worked with him, Ross said he did not have any problems with his rap rival 50 Cent‘s producer.

“Not at all,” Ross said when asked if he has yet to work with Sha. “You know, this is a huge building. And I’m such a boss, so I could pretty much work with who I decide to work with. But I feel every man has a right to feed his family, so there’s no animosity here.” (VIBE)

Sha Money XL recently spoke with SOHH about working with Ross in the future.

“I support every artist on the label,” Sha told SOHH. “I had conversations with 50 about that and we even spoke on if I had to find Rick Ross a hit and I had one, it wouldn’t be for me to not give it to him. I support everybody on this label, I want everybody to win, the company makes money and we all make money and we all grow, so, it’s not about holding somebody back trying to [stop] someone from moving ahead and he’s doing his thing. So it’s nothing for me to hate on, I work for this company so everybody needs to win because I’m on a team. I’m not a beef squasher, I don’t get in the middle of none of that sh*t, all I know is whoever has a problem with me just needs to have a problem with ‘me.’ 50 is the big homie and his strategies are for what works for him and I support all of that but at the same time I’m in a business vibe, this sh*t is not about beef. Beef don’t make money, man. That sh*t is sports, it’s just about being the most competitive person out there and n*ggas can’t f*ck with 50 on that level because he keeps going, his money is long, his mind is wise.” (SOHH)

Last month, Sha talked about the possibility of 50 and Lloyd Banks joining Def Jam.

“I’ve been floating around this industry since I’ve just been executive-producing 50 [Cent]’s albums,” XL said in an interview. “Finally, the call came. It felt so good. Def Jam is such a strong company and strong roster. The staff is amazing. I felt it instantly. I knew that this is something I can do with my New York vision and New York swag and bring that for all the guys that’s based out here…I spoke to Fif, to [his manager Chris] Lighty. I would love to see [G-Unit] there…Banks has an amazing record right now, independently. If things work out, then yeah, I would love to see that happen.” (MTV)

Recently, Ross pushed back the release of his upcoming album, Teflon Don.

“It was a real good move,” Ross said about the delay. “I felt like the June 29th was a little too premature, that was the date my homie Diddy was coming out on anyway. And you know that’s the homie, so I felt like coming in the early July, middle July was best for me from day one. But it’s always good anyway man as long as you’re setting up all your pieces up in the right place. You’re setting your radio up, you’re setting your marketing up, the rest of that sh*t come in place when you got hits.” (Rap Radar)

Check out a recent Rick Ross interview below:

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