Rick Ross On Bugatti Boyz Movement, “We Looking Forward To The Full-Fledged Album” [Video]

Rick Ross On Bugatti Boyz Movement, “We Looking Forward To The Full-Fledged Album” [Video]

Southern rapper Rick Ross recently opened up about his relationship with Diddy as the Bugatti Boyz duo and why their movement will not stop after an upcoming EP.

According to Ross, the EP will set matters in order for a full-length album.

“That’s actually me and Puff Daddy being in the studio for a few sleepless nights and I think one of the things a lot of people forget is Puff Daddy is a producer first,” Ross explained in an interview with Mikey T The Movie Star off his upcoming Movie Star Status DVD about the untitled EP. “He knows there’s certain patterns, certain drums and kicks that I could just easily play with so we were in the studio and created upwards toward five or six records…We looking forward to the full fledged album some time next summer.” (Movie Star Status DVD)

The “Boss” also reflected on the advantages of his relationship with Diddy.

“The experience is priceless,” Ross added referring to working with Diddy. “The relationships that Puff Daddy has established over the years would take me another 25, 30 years to establish. And me having him as a partner being able to step in and make things happen a little quicker, it’s only an asset. I’m a person that knows how to take advantage of that.” (Movie Star Status DVD)

Last month, Diddy publicly announced plans to drop an EP alongside Ross.

“This is coming straight off our EP right here,” Diddy said in a vehicle with Ross as an instrumental played. “We not even doing an album, n*gga, we doing an EP — I got a lot of sh*t on my mind. I got a lot of sh*t I need to get off my chest. [It’s] a lot of sh*t that’s been building up on me, these n*ggas really been going at me for 10 years as I get this money. I don’t give a f*ck though. I’m gonna keep getting this motherf*cking money, keep getting these b*tches — keep doing my thing, I’m like fine wine. I’m doing this all the time.” (P Twitty TV)

Diddy has also promised to pen half of the project’s rhymes.

Diddy has been palling around with Rick Ross for a while now, but now the two are taking the next step: In a new YouTube video, Diddy announces that he and Ross will be dropping a joint EP under the nom de guerre Bugatti Boyz. (“Bugatti” indicates that they have a lot of money, while “Boyz” suggests that they’re from the streets, and they don’t care about spelling.) Diddy says he’s going to write “half my own sh*t, and Imma have Ross write the other half.” Sounds good! (New York Mag)

A release date for the EP has not yet been announced.

Check out Rick Ross speaking on Diddy below:

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