Rick Ross Offers G-Unit Label Deal, “Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Is Dropped From Interscope” [Video]

Rick Ross Offers G-Unit Label Deal, “Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Is Dropped From Interscope” [Video]

With his album Deeper Than Rap finally hitting store shelves, Rick Ross has continued his G-Unit taunts, claiming Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo have been dropped from Interscope Records.

Ross addressed his post-battle with G-Unit, while offering to be their boss.

“You asking me do I feel responsible that Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo is dropped from Interscope,” Ross said in an interview. “I’m not gonna take full responsibility but I just believe Jimmy Iovine and all the geniuses at Interscope, I think they understand that their career with music is over. As well as 50 Cent‘s…Everybody telling me I did it, thanks. But honestly, they did it, they did it to themselves…It’s sad when you get dropped and you working with [Dr.] Dre…I’ma pull up their BDS, I know their last album, T.O.S. flopped, I think it sold 15,000 copies its first week or something close to that, I’ma pull up their BDS and make an offer…I might get ‘em a situation on Haitian Mafia…Interscope won’t sign you, Def Jam won’t sign you. Pretty much, go to E1 [formely Koch Records] if we offer you something.” (Spiff TV)

Ranting against Interscope last week, New York City deejay Funkmaster Flex also hinted at Banks and Yayo being off the label.

“Let me tell you something Nino, New York I’m talking to a person who makes decisions, who does things up there moving funny style,” Flex said on his radio show about an Interscope employee. “Interscope Records, nothin’ is spinning…From what I understand, I think Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo arent on that label anymore, it’s just 50 Cent. And I think 50’s deal is up there. 50, from what I hear, your deal is up at Interscope, we got you. I’d walk out that building after that.” (Hot 97)

Banks recently called out Ross for his answers in a BET Special interview where he refused to confirm that it was his baby’s mother, Brooke who appeared in a sex tape 50 Cent streamed on the web.

“And then you gonna get on BET and lie talking about you don’t recognize the lady in the video,” Banks said in a video clip. “And you can’t verify? N*gga that’s your [baby’s mother]. That’s that b*tch you were loving and f*cking without no condom. Yeah, her n*gga. You better not let me run across her ’cause I’ma f*ck her.” (This Is 50)

Teaming with former G-Unit associates including Domination and Bang Em Smurf, Ross has taken shots at 50’s crew over the past few months.

“F*cking monkeys, you work for me,” Ross said in the clip. “Your neighborhood don’t respect you, I was just out in Queens. Shout-out to [Bang Em] Smurf…I’mma keep disrespectin’ you until you bow down…Tony Yayo, you 48 years old and been snortin’ powder for 40…[50], I’mma keep sonnin’ you for the rest of your life…Sha Money, he gonna fire you again, you know whenever he feel himself, he fire all y’all n*ggas. So next time he fire you, Sha Money, come work for me…Tony Yayo, when the last time he took your grandma shopping? Lloyd Banks, y’all been loyal to this n*gga, y’all should kill this n*gga at the next meeting and come holla at me, I’ll give you $100,000…I made you pay to buy ThisIsCurly.com, now I got ThisIsSabrinasSin.com.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Check out Ross speaking on G-Unit below:

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