Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Empire Botched Supergroup, Says Game

Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Empire Botched Supergroup, Says Game

West Coast rapper Game has revealed his foiled previous plans to form a supergroup alongside Philadelphia’s Beanie Sigel and Miami’s Rick Ross but said Maybach Music Group’s formation put the kibosh on that effort.

Game said Ross’ MMG empire ultimately killed their plans to come together.

“Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel [were going to call ourselves] ‘ESPN (Everyday Stacking Paper N*ggas),'” Game told XXL recently in New York. “That’s what it is. We entertained doing a group before, but then Rick Ross went crazy with the Maybach Music Group and he signed Meek Mill and all of them. So that reality didn’t come to pass. But that’s where it was when we did ‘Heavy Artillery.’ If you can imagine an album with us three.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this year, Sigel revealed his interest in recreating iconic rap crew The Fat Boys alongside Ricky Rozay and Fat Joe.

“I f*ck with the fat boy Rick Ross,” Sigel revealed in an interview. “Boss. Yo, me, Rick Ross and motherf*cking Fat Joe, we should go back and get that old classic Fat Boys album and get somebody to remake them beats over and we should do [it] over. But put a new twist on it. We would kill that sh*t. Just food for thought. We’d murder that sh*t.” (804 Ent)

In 2010, Game talked about Sigel forcing him and Ross to step up their pen game.

“Me, Rick Ross and Beanie Sigel on a track called ‘Heavy Artillery,’ ” Compton’s lyrical barbarian revealed. “I’m definitely a fan of Beans. I did my verse first, sent it to them. Ross came back, and I was still comfortable with my verse. Beans came back — rewrite! [I had to] rewrite [my verse]. Sent [the track] back to Ross. Ross heard Beans: rewrite. Now we got what we need. Now everybody is on the same playing field. Beans, he sounds like he’s hungry, like he ain’t have his hair braided in six years and he ain’t ate in 10.” (MTV)

With a roster already consisting of Wale, Meek Mill and Pill, Ross recently inked Atlanta’s DJ Scream to his team.

“Everyone welcome @djscream to the untouchable@maybachmusicgrp @wbr #powermove,” Ross tweeted August 1st. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Check out Game, Beanie Sigel & Rick Ross’ “Heavy Artillery” below:

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