Rick Ross Joins Eminem & Dr. Dre, “We Workin’ In The Future”

Rick Ross Joins Eminem & Dr. Dre, “We Workin’ In The Future”

Rick Ross has released a new diss record “Crack A Bottle” throwing more verbal jabs at G-Unit while displaying his respect for both Eminem and Dr. Dre.

Keeping his disses solely on 50 Cent’s crew, Ross also attempts to justify his beef with Dre and Em’s artist.

“Phony Yayo has officially checked into rehab,” Ross said in the song’s intro. “Lloyd Banks is dating Perez Hilton. He came outta the closet. Best time of my life/Gucci bourgeois pop a bottle/You know my motto, shake that b*tch from top to bottom/Hit the blunt and take a swallow/April 21 I take over the universe/I get more p*ssy than Curly Curtis just takin’ off my shirt/How ya love that, I know the h*es do/GG GG GGG-who/Them n*ggas h*es too/Them n*ggas finished before I can even end a sentence/Shout-out to Aftermath, I know it’s strictly business, Dre, send one of them beats to the South/Shout-out to Eminem, we workin’ in the future.” (Rap Musiq)

Ross has been releasing a slew of diss records going at G-Unit, including “Cold Blood” and “Valley of Death.”

“Walk like a giant/ Talk like a tyrant,” Ross raps, “Lord knows when I see this monkey I’mma be the devil/ Beat him ’cause I’m clever/ Beat him at whatever/ You never was a G n*gga…New York unified, down South love that/ When we got the shine, motherf*ckers where the love at/ Real n*ggas get money, better log on/ Think the game dead, imagine when your dawg gone/ Imagine when it’s all gone/ When you fall off, it’s only one to call on.” (Ozone Magazine)

Ross associate Gunplay has also joined the battle.

“I beat a blogger like his father,” Gunplay raps in the song. “That’s a half a milli/And that’s just Carol City/My life story too long, a album couldn’t fit it/Torch burnt Blanks/I’ma get at Yayo/Ross killed Curly/All three D.O.A. yo/Ain’t no combat.” (Freddy Fred TV)

Aside from diss records, Ross recently made a video revealing an alleged conversation he had with a G-Unit associate.

“It’s only right I came to New York City to write my ‘Mafia Music’ remix verse…It’s funny I say ‘Mafia Music’ remix because today I get a call from a dude from G-Unit, his name, he told me, was Nelson Gomez. N*gga Nelson Gomez offered me a sum of money to fall back. I told him make it a half a million and I’ll chill on Curly. But that don’t go for Yayo and the other guy…I’ma still see them. Y’all gotta pay separate. So if I do agree to fall back on the n*gga ’cause they give me the money, I ain’t giving the other n*ggas a pass. ‘Cause the monkey said don’t give n*ggas passes.” (Torch Is NY)

Check out Ross’ new “Crack A Bottle” song below:

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