Rick Ross Issues Warning To Wannabe 50 Cent Lovers, “He Ended Vivica’s Career” [Video]

Rick Ross Issues Warning To Wannabe 50 Cent Lovers, “He Ended Vivica’s Career” [Video]

Rick Ross recently dished out his feelings on 50 Cent‘s sex life sending a warning to all female entertainers to not become intimately involved with the G-Unit leader.

Ross, using Fif’s former girlfriend Vivica A. Fox as an example, described the negative effects 50 has had on women.

“If a b*tch f*ck him, she ends her career,” Ross explained. “Look at Vivica, look at Vivica. Any b*tch f*ck that monkey, you’re lost, you caught up. Baby, it’s like, it’s only the fortune. Come on, at least try to hide the sh*t. He ended that b*tch Vivica’s career though. She on reality shows now, it’s like d*mn. I used to like her, I used to like her. When’s the last time you seen her on something…All y’all young ladies, do your business careers a favor, stay away from the monkey, see what he did to Vivica.” (The Life Files)

The “Boss” has continued to inform Fif via interviews and video blogs of the positive effects he has had since entering their rap beef.

“We got a lot of money,” Ross said in the video. “I just bought four new whips. F*cking monkey said he was gonna ruin my life, haha! I’m waitin’ for it man. Life is actually better. Follow my time pieces man. Follow my whips. Chornicle my triumph. You n*ggas still can’t dress. Youse a monkey…You don’t get tired of wearing those ugly jeans? Those ugly shoes? You lost all that weight and your face sunk in with your fake teeth, it ain’t a good look…Y’all stay tuned, it gets deeper.” (World Star Hip Hop)

Along with interview disses, Ross teamed with G-Unit foes The Game, Fat Joe and Ja Rule for his anti-50 record “Mafia Music” remix.

“I don’t give a f*ck, I will burn your jehri curls,” Joe raps in the song. “[Tony] Yayo is his bottom b*tch, [Lloyd] Banks is a girly girl/Don’t worry about Whoo Kid…Big up to Maybach Music / Got them choppers man, don’t make us use it/ Hits out the park they call me big papi/ Even if you shot me you still couldn’t stop me/ Still went to Africa, still wore the big chain/ Where you got robbed at n*gga on the same stage / I say sh*t that you can’t say/ ’cause I am not a snitch, I’m not b*tch made.” (YouTube)

Continuing his war with Ross, 50 recently aired a new BooBooTV exclusive showing unreleased footage of Ross bad mouthing former Slip-n-Slide labelmate Trick Daddy.

“Trick Daddy ain’t got one of them man,” Ross said referring to his watch. “I’ma keep you suckers creating sh*t and fabricating trying to discredit the Boss. I’m the multi-million dollar Miami mayor…N*ggas informants, snitches, n*ggas screaming thugs but they testifying…You don’t want no problem n*gga. Better stop runnin’ your f*cking mouth before I send them goons ’round there…I heard you was sick, but I’ma finish you off, I’ma finish you off legendary…Then you gonna go and discredit a real n*gga. Bring it man…Mad he ain’t on the album, I ain’t need you. It was a good business move…I wish you was here now, talking about a ‘Thug Holiday,’ I’ll give you a f*cking thug holiday.” (Street Certified DVD)

Check out Ross speaking on 50’s sex life below:

Rick Ross Talks 50 Cent, Vivica Fox And Internet Rumors! from the.LIFE Files on Vimeo.

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