“Rick Ross Is Trying To Build A Real Label Not A Rap Group”

“Rick Ross Is Trying To Build A Real Label Not A Rap Group”

Newly signed Maybach Music Group artist Teedra Moses has discussed her placement on Rick Ross‘ heavy hip-hop roster and why the “Boss” is looking to create an empire.

Moses credits Ross’ emphasis on allowing artists to be their own unique selves as a strong MMG feature.

“If they have wanted something else they wouldn’t have came for me. This is not a situation like most labels. What Rick Ross is trying to do is build a real label not a rap group. He [Rick Ross] went out and got Wale. He’s not trying to have Wale do something different. There’s an audience that likes Wale. Stalley has an audience who likes him. Ross isn’t asking us to change or do something that we don’t already do. He’s picking artist that people cling to and he works that.” (Billboard)

Details of Moses’ Maybach deal hit the Internet in late March.

I gotta say, even I didn’t see this one coming. With all the rappers Ricky has been signing, it begs wondering whether a vocalist would be in the works and now, songstress Teedra Moses has joined the fold over at Maybach Music Group. Ms. Moses hinted at the deal in a recent interview with Vibe and how now officially changed her Twitter bio to “Maybach Group Soulstar”. If you’re not up on her music, be sure and check out her debut projectComplex Simplicity, which is one of the greatest R&B/Neo-Soul albums ever. (Y2K Daily)

Earlier the same week, Moses discussed the possibility of linking with Ross’ team.

“I like the way they move, and I like the hunger over [there], and I like that it’s all about work. As much as Rick talks about the glitz and glamour or whatever, he goes hard and he works hard, so I rock with that. And that’s what I do. I work hard, I rock shows, I touch the people and I try to make good music. I’m not really into the hoopla.” (VIBE)

Ross is currently preparing the release of his label’s Maybach Music Group Self Made compilation album.

“The biggest compilation in recent time, man,” Ross told radio host Bootleg Kev. “We going back to the era of the dope emcees, when Ruff Ryders was doing compilations and you just love the energy the dudes brought to the table…The new album from Maybach Music/Warner. It’s gonna be big…Yeah, yeah, [Drake‘ll be on there], most definitely. Drake will be on the compilation and you know that’s the homie so it’s all love. He’s embracing the movement and you know, it just feels good to rock out with your family. Shout-out to YMCMB.” (Bootleg Kev)

Self Made is set to hit stores Tuesday, May 24th.

Check out Rick Ross speaking on his record label down below:

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