“Rick Ross Is One Of Those Real Cats – We Made History Together”

“Rick Ross Is One Of Those Real Cats – We Made History Together”

With Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross continuing to blossom as an executive, SOHH recently chatted with his frequent collaborator Avery Storm for a take on the rapper’s “Boss” moves.

Not only impressed by Ricky Rozay’s musical talent, Storm said he always saw the Miami rapper blowing up a music exec.

“First and foremost, working with Rick Ross, Ross is one of those real cats,” Avery told SOHH. “I say that in the sense that he’s one of those dudes that if he says he wants to work with you or he wants to link, he’s really going to do that. We made history togheter. We made magical records and just that in itself is a blessing and to see Ross grow the way he has, you saw the storm coming. He’s a businessnman first and foremost and he knows what he’s doing. When you’re confident in what it is that you’re doing, there’s nothing stopping you but yourself. You know for d*mn sure that he’s not going to get in his own way. So I’ve got a lot of respect for Ross for his talent and as a man.” (SOHH)

G.O.O.D Music’s John Legend recently talked about the classics he has made alongside Ross.

“You never know. Hip-hop is one of the most free art forms there is. There’s so many sounds you can use, so many things you can bring in. You never know, man. I bet years ago people would’ve never said they would hear me with Rick Ross, and we did four classic songs together.” (Complex)

Chicago rapper Rockie Fresh revealed what motivated him to ink a deal with Maybach Music Group over other suitable labels.

“It was a crazy feeling man….I honestly did have good amount of offers on the table,” Rockie explained. “Even though my situation is kinda under the radar, a lot of people took interest in the music from an industry point of view. I had some good looks, but nothing felt as real as the MMG situation. “Knowing how Ross is, being able to be around him, he’s probably one of the best dudes to be working for,” the Chi-town native added. “He makes it more so feel like you are working with him. It’s one of those situations that felt real good to me. I feel we gonna make a lot of bread together down the line.” (XXL Mag)

Last May, R&B singer Omarion credited the Miami rapper’s leadership for fueling his decision to join MMG.

“I remember being in the studio for the first time with [Ross], and just going through records,” says Omarion. “He was sitting in the studio, and he tells his engineer, ‘Get Meek on the Skype.’ He got Meek on Skype, and was on the phone with Wale at the same time, and was just orchestrating. And then he had me in the studio and was like, “All right O, I need you to hop on the hook. Wale, I need you to do that. And Meek, send that song over to me.'” For the former B2K member, that group mentality immediately resonated. “Coming from a group, being part of a group, you understand how much value that holds in the success that you do, because everybody’s on one page and everybody can see one goal,” he says. “I was just like, ‘Wow, they have the relationship that I’ve been looking for in a new team.'” (Billboard)

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