“[Rick] Ross Is One Of The Most Passionate Rap Guys I Know”

“[Rick] Ross Is One Of The Most Passionate Rap Guys I Know”

G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T recently spoke about his opinion of rap heavyweight Rick Ross and why he feels that the “Boss” is one of the most passionate hip-hop stars he knows.

Crediting Ross for putting him into contact with Kanye West last year, Pusha explained the difference between the Miami rap star and other emcees.

“Listen man, listen, [Rick] Ross is like one of the most passionate rap guys I know,” Pusha said in an interview. “I ask Ross to do a record, Ross does a record. I ask him, I need a verse done, Ross is on the road, Ross gets off the road, Ross hands me my verse back within a week of him getting off the road. People don’t understand the hecticness of the life, of hip-hop artists, we hustling, we hustling everyday. We’re hustling trying to make money, we’re hustling trying to really provide for our crews. There’s a million things you could do to be providing for other people, your families and your brand, but to take out and do a verse for free, we’re not talking about no money. We’re just talking about a song that’s definitely going to be a good record, but it’s like, to prioritize that and to fit that in? I’m so appreciative. He’s one of those guys who really makes me appreciate who I really appreciate in a sense of like, ‘Man, I know you don’t have to do this.’ … To me, I feel like he’s good natured.” (BBC 1Xtra)

Earlier this year, Pusha explained how his music is comparable to hip-hop elite like Ricky Rozay and Jay-Z.

“They can say [I make ‘coke rap’] about me but the same individuals will contradict themselves and will tell you how much they were in love with Rick Ross or [Young] Jeezy, or loved Jay-Z circa ’96 to ‘Hard Knock Life.’ Or tell you ‘Allure’ is their favorite record but hate coke rap,” Pusha explained in an interview. “Like I said in the ‘Cook It Down’ verse, ‘I pray that you ignore me/if you can’t feel the joy of a hustler and his glory.’ I don’t want you to listen. This might not be for you. That’s fine. I write this from a certain place, from certain experiences, for certain people.” (The BVX)

Despite Pusha’s co-signs, Ross’ image was recently questioned by G-Unit’s DJ Whoo Kid.

“The state of hip-hop is for the kids, dance music, snapping and occasionally gangsterism,” Whoo Kid told radio host Tim Westwood. “But the gangsterism is not definited as reality. It’s like they’re in a movie. It’s like Scarface part one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Do you believe Rick Ross is a gangster from his music? Like if you see him, if you never met him, would you believe he’s gangster? Like he’s threatening? Uh! Uh! Uhh! Uhhh! Whattt? I’m being serious too. There’s no focus in hip-hop but it’s cool. The kids are happy.” (“Tim Westwood TV”)

When SOHH recently reached out to Dipset’s Jim Jones, he also included the “Boss” in his Top 5.

“Rick Ross. He’s been blowing up, [and] his words are so crazy. You gotta look at that wordplay. He’s also got his swag together, killing everything that’s moving, shooting anything that’s moving, he’s smashing it all. What’s better than that?” (SOHH Top 5 Dead or Alive)

Check out a recent Pusha T interview below:

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