Rick Ross Is An A-Town Stomper, “To Really Stay On Top Of Your Beats, You Should Have Presence In Atlanta”

Rick Ross Is An A-Town Stomper, “To Really Stay On Top Of Your Beats, You Should Have Presence In Atlanta”

Southern rapper Rick Ross recently highlighted the advantages of being an Atlanta, Georgia artist and why the A may have the best production in comparison to other regions.

Despite his admiration toward Atlanta, Ross still declared his loyalty to hometown city, Miami.

Ross is often in Atlanta. He opened up about why he spends so much time these days at his house in Georgia. “Atlanta is a great place to resonate and meet a lot of producers,” he said. “It’s a great wealth of producers here, I believe more than any major city in the South. To really stay on top of your beats as an artist or make big moves — you should have a presence in Atlanta.” But Ross was quick to point out he hadn’t made a permanent relocation, telling the magazine, “I don’t live here. Miami is my primary spot. I own three studios and this is one of them.” (MTV)

Recently, Cam’ron also highlighted the advantages of working from the A.

“We got a bunch of stuff going on,” Cam explained recently. “I got my solo album to do. We got ‘Killa Season 2′ soundtrack. ‘Cousin Bang, the Movie’ soundtrack. To keep it 100, down South, they got a lot of hot beats with no samples. We’re trying to just get a different vibe. I did four of my albums in New York, one in Chicago, one in L.A. But I never did an album recording in Atlanta. So me and Vado came down here to get a different vibe. We’re gonna be down here for a few months recording and working.” (MTV)

Grammy-winning rapper Ludacris credited his hometown for inspiring new hits like “How Low Can You Go.”

“Man, how do my lyrics come to me? I draw inspiration from everywhere but I can definitely say living in Atlanta, Georgia, going to a variety of places, ‘How Low Can You Go’ and ‘My Chick Bad,’ I think I got those just living in Atlanta Georgia and just living every day regular life, strip clubs, beautiful women, ‘How Low Can You Go,’ and ‘My Chick Bad.’ There you have it.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

Outside of music, Ross recently explained how he deals with the public’s misconceptions of himself.

“There’s always gonna be misconceptions,” Ross explained in an interview with Boss Lady. “There’s always gonna be opinions and they not necessarily bad. Because a lot of times, people learn things in time. So what could have been a misconception last year, with a lot of people, isn’t a misconception this year. I always had thick skin growing up. I was always the fat black dude with the cheap shoes on. I always had thick skin when it came to jokes or whatever and I could always tell a good joke. I could tell a great joke…’ (Dr. Jays)

Check out a recent Rick Ross interview below:

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