Rick Ross Hits Radio Station & Drops New Diss Song

Rick Ross Hits Radio Station & Drops New Diss Song

After staying mum for the initial beginning of the rap battle, Rick Ross has responded to 50 Cent‘s recent taunts by calling out a G-Unit member and dropping a new diss track called “Kiss My Pinky Ring.”

The Boss spoke in an interview yesterday (February 5) aiming to mock 50.

“What he really need to do is take Tony Yayo shopping,” Ross said. “Take Tony Yayo’s grandparents shopping. You know 50 one of the worst dressers in the game. They shut his clothes line down because of the way he dress….Lyrically, I’m murdering that boy…That’s my sons…I can tell you one thing, I’m the Boss and the biggest dude in the game…No one pays for Vitamin Water, they give it away so it look like it taste good… (Ricky Smiley Morning Show)

Ross’ latest diss track strikes out against Fif’s upcoming album and taking his baby’s mother out shopping.

“This monkey is swaggerless. Thanks for the promotion h*mo,” Ross says in the song’s intro. “Undercover f*g, slash h*mo/No steam, Jimmy [Iovine] got you doing promo/We laughin’ at cha a**, and you dress so bad that we laughin’ at your ads/Another case of poor marketing/Threaten everybody, I guess it’s poor targeting/Nobody ever died, so don’t make a n*gga drive to that old a** house…Fake teeth, fake street/Only fake n*ggas feed on a fake beef/I’m so hard, I’m so sharp/Taking b*tches shopping scared to get a bl*wjob/I took my money like Sha Money/My money’s safe, I can retire money” (World Star Hip Hop)

The rapper’s lawyer has also stepped forward claiming his client’s children are financially supported.

“As a matter of fact and for the record, every month on or about the first of the month Mr. Ross pays a substantial amount of money, in excess of State of Florida, Child Support Guidelines to this child’s mother for the support of the child,” Allan Stephen Zamren explained to AllHipHop.com. “This child support money is in addition to money Mr. Ross pays the mother for clothing and other expenses for the child. Mr. Ross has also established a pre-paid college fund for the child and paternity of this child has not yet been determined.” (All Hip Hop)

50 phoned into Ross’ hometown radio station to address his current rap battle.

“I have artists that have more money than Rick Ross…I don’t actually feel like there’s something wrong with him deciding to be a police officer, I feel like there’s something wrong from a hip-hop perspective for you to be a part of law enforcement and totally write your career that you’re the biggest drug dealer in Miami…We’re gonna see his tax returns. That’s the biggest embarrassment because you act like you got a billion dollars.” (Power 96)

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