Rick Ross Goes All-Black Everything On “Teflon Don” Artwork

Rick Ross Goes All-Black Everything On “Teflon Don” Artwork

Southern rapper Rick Ross has decided to go with an all-black everything feel for his new Teflon Don album cover art which features him with his signature sunglasses.

The artwork landed on the Internet Friday (June 4) morning.

Rick Ross is once again back for his fourth solo album which features him all alone with a boss-like presence in an all-black background. Featured in the past with a suit like off of Deeper Than Rap or decked out with jewelry like his Port of Miami and Trilla albums, Ross’ Teflon Don shows signs of a more serious rapper with gold-framed glasses peering out into a night setting. (Hip Hop N More)

Ross recently talked about pushing back his album’s release date from June to July.

“It was a real good move,” Ross said about the delay. “I felt like the June 29th was a little too premature, that was the date my homie Diddy was coming out on anyway. And you know that’s the homie, so I felt like coming in the early July, middle July was best for me from day one. But it’s always good anyway man as long as you’re setting up all your pieces up in the right place. You’re setting your radio up, you’re setting your marketing up, the rest of that sh*t come in place when you got hits.” (Rap Radar)

Earlier this year, Ross said fans could expect a lot of surprises on the new album.

“We got a real nice line-up,” Ross told DJ Envy in an interview. “I haven’t actually picked all the records that’s actually gonna make the album but for sure, my man Jay-Z is on the album. And we got some more surprises so you just gotta keep your ear to the streets…We got a lot of surprises man. We got a lot of big records on this project and you know, we’re just keeping it intimate so we can surprise the fans and give them what they really want.” (“Sucker Free Sundays”)

According to reports, ex-convict Freeway Ricky Ross will attempt to block its release if Ross does not change his rap alias.

“If William Roberts attempts to use the ‘Rick Ross’ name that he spent years earning and spending time in prison to uphold, he will be met with an injunction,” a representative for Freeway Rick Ross told AllHipHop.com. “Simple as that. This is not a publicity stunt, a game or a hoax, to sell some Rick Ross albums, as some have suggested. In fact, [Freeway] Rick Ross intends to halt the release of any Summer 2010 ‘Rick Ross’ album.” (All Hip Hop)

Listen to Rick Ross’ “Super High” down below:

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