Rick Ross Gives Bawse Advice To Kendrick Lamar: “That Go For Anybody In The Rap Game” [Video]

Rick Ross Gives Bawse Advice To Kendrick Lamar: “That Go For Anybody In The Rap Game” [Video]

Although Kendrick Lamar has cleared the air and promised there are no issues with Young Money’s Drake, Maybach Music Group leader Rick Ross recently weighed in on what almost turned into a nasty feud.

In Ricky Rozay’s perspective, Kendrick should stay business-oriented and not delve too much into feuding with certain artists.

“It’s really how you feel personally. I haven’t really been looking at the situation close enough for me to see that he coming at Drake. That might have went over my head, but at the end of the day it’s like when me and Wale sitting down and me and Meek sitting down,” Ross said in an interview. “At the end of the day, when you looking at the business perspective, it’s dudes that’s making moves we won’t even remember in 30 days. It’s so many dudes you could go back to the covers of magazines and you haven’t heard their name.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

Ross also said if there are issues with more relevant artists, some measures should be taken to settle any serious disputes

“So, if they fall into that class, we don’t even waste our time on them. But if it’s somebody else, we gotta make sure they understand who we are. We could fix that. That go for anybody in the rap game. So, when I look at it, it’s like at the end of the day who want a problem with us? At the end of the day that ain’t even why we came here. We want to get money. We want to clique up with you. We want to break bread.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

A few days ago, Lamar revealed he has no real problems with Drizzy and said the Toronto native is very necessary for the new wave in music.

“I was having fun, rapping, man,” K. Dot replied when asked if he took shots at Drake during his TDE cypher. “Yeah. Nah, we we just having fun, you feel what I’m saying? Hip-hop is a sport and people are going to dissect lyrics and that’s what it’s about at the end of the day. I got nothing against Drake. He put out a great album, again, he’s doing his thing. He’s a part of this new generation that’s doing this music, you feel me?” (“The Breakfast Club”)

As expected, K. Dot did not hold back on dropping hard-hitting bars during the BET Hip Hop Awards broadcast.

Ever since a preview clip of his verse at the BET Hip-Hop Awards surfaced earlier this month, perhaps the most anticipated part of the ceremony has been Kendrick Lamar’s cypher in which he purportedly calls out Drake. Now that the full cypher has aired, it’s clear Lamar pulled no punches in his verse. “Nothing’s been the same since they dropped ‘Control’/ And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes,” the Compton rapper spat. “Your sh*t never penetrates/ Pin the tail on the donkey, boy you been a fake.” In the full two-minute cypher (part of a larger segment with Top Dawg Entertainment), Kendrick established his dominance over the rest of the pack. “I’m the master that masturbated on your favorite emcee,” he rapped shortly after the beginning of his verse after cheers were heard from the ceremony’s crowd. (Billboard)

Drake recently shared some thoughts on the buzz Kendrick ignited with “Control” and why his main objective did not make sense to him.

“That [‘Control’] verse was a moment to talk about. Are you listening to it now, though?,” he asked, hushing all 850 attendees at NYU’s Skirball Center, including Wilson. Drake continued: “He didn’t come in there on some wild, ‘I’m in New York, fuck everybody.’ I almost wish he had come in there on that shit because I kind of lost a little bit of respect for the sentiment of the verse,” Drake said. “If it’s really ‘f*ck everybody’ then it needs to be ‘f*ck everybody’. It can’t just be halfway.” (Miss Info TV)

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