Rick Ross Flaunts Gigantic Maybach Music Group Chain

Rick Ross Flaunts Gigantic Maybach Music Group Chain

While Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross may not quite be on Ghostface Killah or Slick Rick‘s level yet, the Miami rapper is inching closer after unveiling an enormous MMG chain this week.

Ross’ eye-catching chain becomes one of the latest fashion moves since T-Pain‘s past “Big Ass Chain” a couple years ago.

Rick Ross is known to have a serious jewelry game, but this new piece may send his ice collection over the top. The bawse, who just released his Rich Forever mixtape, took to Twitter and shared a photo of his latest chain, a MMG piece. What makes this chain worth talking about is the fact that the pendant is ridiculously big. Something similar to T-Pain’s “Big Ass Chain,” Ross will have folks talking about his new jewels for a while. “Chain so big can’t pop my collar!” – Rick Ross (VIBE)

The photo reportedly stems from Ross’ recent photo shoot with MMG’s Wale and producer Pharrell Williams.

Rick Ross is Rich Forever and very much in living color, matter of fact, he’s “High Definition.” Ricky Rozay, Wale and Pharrell Williams were shooting the video to “High Definition” last night, and Rick tweeted out a few photos of how it was going down on the set! Dressed in all black, Rick and Wale were swaggin’ out for the camera with an all white background. Pharrell was photographed hanging out on set with the Maybach Music family. Rick Ross even showed off his chains with a massive diamond Maybach Music chain. Besides shooting music videos and dropping dope mixtapes, Rick Ross has been readying his forthcoming God Forgives, I Don’t. (Global Grind)

Although widely known for his jewelry trends, rap star Kanye West recently revealed he has not copped any new chains over the past few years.

“I know this is not a very rapper thing to say but I haven’t bought a new car or piece of jewelry in about 2 years…,” he tweeted January 5th. (Kanye West’s Twitter)

In 2009, rapper/singer T-Pain made headlines after rocking his “Big Ass Chain” on numerous public outings.

“10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don’t know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola senor recession proof. With 32 cars.Oldest child 5 and already got 4 million in her own account.I dont do dumb sh*t like this till I know the fams good. So don’t judge me frm what I buy.Judge me frm what I do.Cuz it’s so many artists that put themself before their family.but thanx yo – T-Pain” (SOHH Hot Mess)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage below:

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