Rick Ross Flattered Over Sex Tape Leak, “Fat N*ggas Get P*ssy All Around The World”

Rick Ross Flattered Over Sex Tape Leak, “Fat N*ggas Get P*ssy All Around The World”

Southern rapper Rick Ross has reflected on a leaked sex tape which hit the Internet yesterday and was promoted as his own by looking at the positive aspects of the footage.

Despite denying the tape features himself, Ross said he was flattered by the post-release effects.

“Man, all the females that’s hitting me on Twitter, it’s actually flattering,” Ross said. “It’s funny and it’s good to know that fat n—-s get p—- all around the world…I noticed that homie ain’t have none of my tatts…When I first saw the screen shot of it, I thought ‘d*mn, my mom taught me when I was young never lay on hotel spreads.’ … And they was laying on some cheap a** hotel spreads that probably had all kinds of sh*t on it because you know they don’t do them as often as they do the sheets.” (MTV)

Following the video’s release, Ross also hit up Twitter to defend his name.

“just saw the so called sex tape..the n*gga had a louie flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail,” Ross tweeted Thursday (September 23). (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Details on the leaked footage hit the Internet Thursday morning.

IS this 50 Cent up to something? Was sent a link from thisis50.com and they were saying there is a Rick Ross sex tape/ I found the mere thought hilarious. I don’t know Ross would get caught out there like that, but the say there is a “non-nude.” All I can say is that the video is incredibly blurry and it shows a man with a beard with a woman in a dress. Somebody says it may be before the fame Rick Ross has had this far in. IF Ross leaded this himself, it would be genius. LOL! (Illseed)

The three-minute teaser footage was featured on rap rival 50 Cent‘s website, This Is 50.

Ayo, this s*** right here is some crack… dis n**** rozay actually knows how to stroke… u gotta watch this in full.. the songs are funny as hell and ricky getting his a****** licked and fingered is even funnier.. by the way this video was made before rick ross blew up and now someone released it.. or is it a publicity stunt to sell more records?? pics taken from video. (This Is 50)

Check out some recent Rick Ross footage below:

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